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Title: Thompson, Richard to Hammond, Joseph, 1843
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderThompson, Richard
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDrumgor, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
DestinationMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
RecipientHammond, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count570
TranscriptDrumgor Aprile 30th 1843
Dear Joseph and Helenah Hammond
I have now set down to write these few Lines to you to let you know
that we are all in good Helth at present thank god for it—hoping this will
find you Both in the same. I answered your Letter in 1841 and got no
account—and wee are uneasy to now how you are getting along whether
ded or alive and I request you to answer this as soon as possible and Let
us now the Rates of your country in Every Line and concerning what imploy
you are at—for the weaving never was as Bad as at present here. I
am weaving for Warrings town at present handkerchief.
In the Letter I sent you I stated that Helenah Wetherhead and man
Sailed for Sidny, and your grand father Bicket is ded and Tomas Bicket is
ded, and Edward Boyd is well wife and famly and has a younge daughter Helenah is hir name. Edward Boyd requests of you to let him know concerning
Henry Harison how he is and his grand father is ded, and I took
your Letters to uncle William Bicket and the are all well at present and the
had a younge son Born and the called[?] him Joseph after you.
Your Brother John sends his kind love to you to Let you know he is
well and wife and famly and John and William is his 2 sons. He and his
Mother answered there Letters Likewise and got no Answer which makes
them think Long to know concerning you Both. Your father and mother
is well at present and your i sisters Likewise. Young Gorge Miller is ded
and never recovered after you went away. The Blamed carying the planks
out of porradown for Bringing on his death.
Isaack Hall and famly is well at present. I wish to Let you know that
Sarah ann Stephcnson and Joseph Williamson is maried and had a Large
weding 20 Couple And is in america, and Aunt Betty Thompson and famly
is well and Also Dynes Gilpen and famly is well and all your inquiring
friends and acquaintance is well and when you write mak mention all the
Neibours and acquaintance.
As soon as this comes to hand [?I hope] you ont delay in answering
this in all the Satisfaction you can concerning cultivation and every thing
Else and I will send you all the news I can again for [? I am at] a short for
time to give you satisfaction [?for what h]appened Since you went away as
I was getting this sent By hand through the acquaintance of Thomas Lawsons
wife. Deer daughter Helenah your mother is thinking Long About you
to hear about you.
I wish to Let you kno[w] concerning the rates of Vitling [?victualling]
here at present
Potatoes 8d p cwt
Wheat from 8s to 10s cwt
Oats—4s cwt
Mail [meal] from 9s = 4d to 10s do.
Pork—£1-10s cwt
cows from £2=10s to £5.

No more at present But Remains your Kind friends to death also
Richard Thomson and John Hammond Edward Boyd all present at the
writing of this.
I am dry for a smok. I must conclude. Write as soon as possible. Wee
are all thinking Longe.
To Joseph Hammond of Melbourne port Philip Australia. He came By the
Ship Neptune New South Wails.