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Title: Hammond, Joseph to Devlin, Daniel and Mary, 1851
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderHammond, Joseph
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelfast, Victoria, Australia
DestinationKillicomane, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
RecipientDevlin, Daniel and Mary
Recipient Gendermale-female
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count782
Genrenews, farming, trade
Transcript[from early transcription of lost original]
Port Fairy
Feb 3rd 1851
Dear Parents
It is so long since I wrote or received any news from Home that I
was almost afraid of hearing from home however to do so but I hope you
will not defer writing as soon as you get this. As the ship sails direct from
Belfast to London there is no danger of it getting mislaid. Helenah and
myself and Children is all well: Thank God: and I sincerely hope this may
find all Our Mother's and Father's Sisters and Brothers in as good health
as this leaves us.
Our Family consists of 5 sons and One Daughter. Robert 9 years
Old: Mary Jane 7 years old John Devlin 5 years and 5 months Joseph near
4 years: Samuell Lutton from Hillshore who has been a Friend to us for
some years is now 2 years and 5 months. Richard the last and the best
lilted Doulls Daughter is 16 months old.
We are living within one mile of Belfast and have 100 acres rented
at 4 shillings per acre. The land is not very good but it does for Grazing
cattle and growing what we want ourselves. The very best of land is rented
at 6/- per acre. We have lived in the Bush to within the last 12 months.
We left then and came to our present Home to get the Children to school.
Robert is able to read and write: John is spelling Mary Jane is reading & spelling: Joseph we intend to send to school next summer and Samuell as
soon as we can if our Family has increased.
We have got a little more than we could expect to have in Ireland.
We have 27 Milk Cows with a team of working Bullocks and a good dray
I paid £17 for 4 months ago beside Heifers & steers that would number
up to 100 with a good brood mare yearling colt foal at foot and a good
saddle horse for myself and another for Robert in all 5 head.
I sold a good filly fit for the Plough 3 year old for £14 and a good
saddle horse 4 year old for £13 that is about the price for Hack horses.
Good cart horses will bring £20 Race Horses will bring from £20 to 75 to
my knowledge. Cattle is cheap a good milk cow bring £3—Working Bullocks
from £6 to 9£ a pair according to quality. The prices of everything
varies very much in this colony—for instance Flour is sold now for 15/-
shillings per 100 lbs—very good Beef 11/2 lb Mutton the best 1d per pound.
We kill our own beef therefore it costs us little. Good sugar 3d per 1b—
Tea very good 1/6 lb coffee 1/- per Ib Potatoes £6 per ton. But this is our
Summers consequently in a few months they will fall to about £2.10 to £3-
per ton. This is about the standing price yearly. Wheat was this last 2 or 3 years from 2/10 to 3/3 per bushel: Oats a little dearer. All kinds of
wearing apparel cheaper than we saw them in Ireland for instance good
Moleskins Trousers 7/6 Pair Strong Waist Coats 5/- each: Tweed Frock
Coats £1-7-6 to £1-10- or there abouts—Boots & shoes dearer. The leather
is not so good as in Ireland. Wellington Boots £1-15 to £2. Strong Bush
boots 14/- per pair. There are very fair shoes worn here. Womens Kangaroo
& Calfskin boots 11 per pair. Boots & shoes dont cost us much as I have
been working at the trade the last 6 years. I am well known in Belfast as
Hammond the shoe maker.
H Harrison lives in Geelong. James Patton lives in the River Plenty
near Melbourne. The rest that came from our place I know nothing of
them. Dear Parents write as soon as you can. Let us know the Particulars
of Druinger [Drumgor] and Killiconan. Let my Brother John know I will
write to him about a month from this date.
Give Helenah's kind love & best wishes to our Mothers & Fathers,
Sisters & Brothers and all kind friends. Helenah wishes to know how Susana
& Edward and family is and Richard is doing in America and if more
has left the Paternal Home.
Dear Friends I now not say much. I would like to hear from Home but
I would like better to see you all in Australia for me I will never be in
Yours ever
Son & Daughter
Joseph & Helenah Hammond
Mr Robert Thompson
County Armagh Lurgan—Driagor[?] Hill