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Title: Devlin, Mary to Hammond, Joseph, 1854
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDevlin, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKillicomane, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
DestinationBelfast, Victoria, Australia
RecipientHammond, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
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Word Count567
TranscriptKillyComain Decmbr. 6th. 54
My dear Joseph
I take up my Pen to write these few lines to you hoping to find you
and ail your family in good health as this leaves us all at present thank
god. I wrote to you per Mr. Little who left this for Melbourne on the 6th.
of November 1853 but up to the present has receved no letter from you.
Doutless that you have not recieved that letter [and] fearing that it has been
misled I hasten to write to you per Post direct, to let you Know that after
great anciety on acount of the information which Your letter of 25th. of
October 1853 it arrived which gave me to Know that You had forwarded
to us the Sum of £25 pounds and which wee expected to have recieved
immedeately afterward but did not unto the 12 th. June 1854. On or about
the 16th. of January last one Mr. Lutton from hieghtborough Came to
Edward Boyd and gave him 20 pounds but Said nothing about my money.
I therefore proceeded to Mr. Lutton myself and he Could not gave me any
information about my money. I was therefore uneasy about the mattet
altogether up to the 12[th of] June last when I recevd A Bank order from
one Mr Mit[?chell] from London after recieving the necessary instractions
from me by letter before hand. So that you will at once percieve that I had
A great deal of trouble and anciety of mind Concerning all matter before
the were finally arranged. But I am hapy to see from you that I recievd all
the amount £25 pounds Stirling, for which I return You my most Sincere
thanks both You and Your Mistress. Also Mary Anne returns You and
Your wife her most Sincere thanks for the handsome present that You Sent
and wee all join in love to you all and hope all things will turn for your
future wealth and hapiness and Prosperity is our united wishes.
Edward Boyd his wife and family of 7 [da]ughters are all well. Your
sister Mary anne Craig went to America in August 1853. Her fathers family
Sent for them. Mary Anne was verry ill about Easter last. She was very
near dying her life indeed was very much despaired of from inflamation in
the hand but thank god she is quite recovered, and at present her health is
much better. She sends her Kind love to you your wife and all the family.
Sophia and helenah Jane is both verry well and Sends their Kind love to
all their Cousins.
When You write do not neglect to mention Your sisters husband his
name is William Mcormick. He is A verry Kind husband and a good industrious
Son in law. Wee all live verry hapy and Co[nt]ent together, and
William wishes to be remembered to you all in the Kindest manner. Do
not neglect to let us Know if the gold Continues as plenty as it is verry
useful and proves verry beneficial in this Country. Do not neglect to write
Soon as posible and let us Know all about henery harrison and Joyce Irwin
and all othet aquaintance. Do not neglect to say what distance you are from Melbourne and I send my most affectionate Love to ail my grandchildren
and to You all.
No more. Your aff
Mary devlin