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Title: Devlin, Mary to Hammond, Joseph, 1857
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDevlin, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKillicomane, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
DestinationBelfast, Victoria, Australia
RecipientHammond, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count801
Genrenews, politics
TranscriptKillagomain Decr. 20th 1857
My Very Dear Son
To you I do address this few lines and do hope the shall find you
and Family possessing good helth and happiness. But I must say I ame
discoraged a good deal by never receiving one word from you since the
Receit of your very Kind present altho I have written Several Letters both
by Post and hand, and I must say it discorraged me a good deal. But to
you My Son & Daughter With you all My Dear Grand Children to [too]
I do Most Greatfully Acknowledge the Kindness you dun to me in that you
have sint me your Money which I did not Expect. But I still say I am
thankful. But Dear Joseph now in my declinning years I still have my
thoughts about you altho we are so rarr sipperated and would feel very
happy [line largely illegible: ?to sometime see a Letter that would] tell me
Somthing about you and Family. But I must say yet another word about
your Kind present and that is that it was in a good time for your Sister
Mary Ann was out of Helth at the time but is at this time in Better Helth
than she has had for some time but would feel very glade and happy if
You would be so Kind as to Write and let us here Know something about
you. But Dear Joseph when you do write you mite say some thing to William
as some like to be mentioned by Name for he is very Kind to Mary
Ann. But your Brother in Law does think that as you have no Brothers or
Sisters in Ireland but Mary Ann and him. Me, I think I think it would not
be too much for me to say your Affectionate Mother which I do think
Joseph you Mite gratify by writing to Me.
I may tell you Edward Boyde and Family is well and has 7—Daughters.
I Should have said Helenah to you I say that in reffrence to your
Fathers Family the last account that I had of them well and dowing very
well in America. I may report a gain to you your Sister Mary Ann Craig
and Husband are in America also and fel into a Comfortable way when
they went there.
Dear Joseph we would like that you would Sind us the Number and
Names of your Children and some of the purticklars Respecting them. Your
Sister Mary Ann has 3: Children and their Names are as follows—Sophia
age 9: years Helenah Jane—4 years: Mary Ann: 8 months old and are Fine
promising Children but we have one Child Dead, Caled William Thomas that is 4 in all. [inserted: All wishes to be remembered to their Uncle ant & cozens.]
When You do Write lit me Know how farr your off Melbourn as
there is a great Manny from this Neighbourhood over there. Elen Fowler
and Thomas Shinamon [Cinnamond] is in Melbourn. Joyce Irwin did Visset
Ireland and his Friend[s] but is gon back to Australia again and is I hope
by this time Safe theer. I might tell you of they Neighbours but I do think
the 1/2rd of them are ded and a way it a mercy I'm here.
The Weaving Tread is Lower than it has been been this Manny years.
Provisions are as follows. Wheat 10[?] Shillings p cwt Oats from 7 Shillings
down. Potatoes from 0.3s.4d down. Pork 42.6d that is £2.2.6 p cwt. Beef
6d. p 1b down. Butter is 1s lb. But another thing and that is hardly annything
but War War in India in the month of Nov—16 000 in Listed into the
Queens Army all on account a want of Good Tread. Robert White is living
in Mr. Henerys place as they are mostly all dead, and is Munufactorring
and grocer.
In Concluson I do ask you to Write to me and Gratify Me Before I
do leave this uncertain] World and when you do write pleas to Direct to
the Care of Mr. James Ohanlin Hy St. Portadown for Mary Devlin Kilagomain
County Armagh Ireland and I will get it at once.
Pleas to let us Know Some thing of Henry Harison as there is no word
from him only that we herd that he was dead.
[childish band]
Dear uncle and aunt give my kind Love to all my little cousins. I am
fond Of them all though i never saw them.
Sophia MCormicks of Killicomain
[original hand]
These are lines wrote by your Cozen altho She is but 9 years of Age.
Nomore at present but Remains Your Affactionate Mother to death:
Mary Devlin
Mary Ann & William McCormick.
Fare well. Please Write in Heast.