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Title: John Campbell White, Baltimore, To Robert Simms, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCampbell White, John/27
SenderCampbell White, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBaltimore, Maryland, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientSimms, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.1815/11: Copied by Permission of Presbyterian Historical Society, Fisherwick Place, Belfast. #TYPE EMG John Campbell White, Baltimore, To Robert Simms, [General Merchant], Belfast. 5th September 1805.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8809110
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count839
TranscriptBaltimore 5th September [1805?]
Dear Sir
I had the pleasure of your letter of the 6th July by [thickness?] it
was my shirt but you promise soon to write again. I get two Dublin papers
per year from your correspondent at Derry. One of them contains a
[mention?] [of Mr Sheridans?] on the jails in Ireland which gives a
melancholy picture of the state of the poor prisoners & surprises with the
numbers. It is astonishing with what apathy the reports of the Inspector
General have been [treated?] by all the members of the House & shows a
depraved state of the representation & of the Society in general-
The approaching election in intr [interest?] sets all party spirit in
motion, & the federalists leave nothing undone to bring themselves into
power. The interruption of [trade?] which [comes hence?] to the feelings
of any man by the continuance of the Embargo, they [expect?] the [bad?]
effects [?]. They forge, [?] present, calumniate, & lye [lie?] [without?]
limitation. They held out the administration as not only [attached to
France?] but as their [slaves?] & as [completely hostile?] to England
who has given them no just cause of offence and who has the [most amiable?]
disposition towards this country. Everything Government does is uncsy
[unecessary?] [anything?] they do not, should be done. [If an?] Embargo
is laid okn. they cry out this is an effect of the Virginian system to
destroy commerce. If they had not laid on the [Embargo?], then would they
have been equally [violent?] [about?] the capture of our shipping & the
detention of our property in foreign ports. In truth the object of the
federalists is [power?], & that a [?] the British empire.
How do you feel under this my [unlooked?] fr [for?] & [extraordinary?]
change in Europe? are the great European powers [going?] to set down unity,
& contentedly to enjoy the blessings of peace. Are the United States &
Britain to be alone at war. Does Britain [expect?] to [reduce?] the U.S.
again to the state of Colonies? Does she [expect?] that if she [lived?] on
honourable terms, & in harmony with us, that her [trade?] woud [would?] be
too [?], that there might be a chance that Britain could exist in safety,
without adding to her debt, & [increasing?] the [?] of other people? or is
she like her late opponent, Bonaparte, so [intoxicated with her sucess?]
as to think she can do anything? It would be wise in her to take a
lesson from his [initiative?] - "In the day of prosperity to consider".
Notwithstanding all that has happened, I see clearly, that Bonaparte &
that the sucess of the allies was only owing to their division. I have
great doubts if the French will continue long [just?] under their present
system. The [seeds?] of much contention remian among them - Are they
really to have a representative Government? If they are, it may repay them
for all their sufferings, & should most heartily rejoice at it.
We have [contradictory?] reports day [after?] day, one day we are to have
a vigorous, & [evident?] pursuit of war, under the [infamous Canning?]
System, the next day, we are to have peace & friendship. One day we are to
have a powerful mediator in the Emperor Alexander, Another day it is [?]
of dry land with the Allies, that they are to leave her [peacefully?]
undisturbed in the management of the United States. Are we less powerful
than Spain & Portugal? Is our distance from England more advantageous
for carrying on wars than the [integrity?] of Spain? Will a war with
America much promote British trade or British trade or British
Manufactures. Will it [have?] any tendency to convert a peacful
industrious people into [a military?], & naval power of no inconsiderable
consequence ? If Spain joins in the quarrel I could then do her no injury
by [?] insurrection in her America colonies? Be three things as they may.
Manfactures are spreading extensively among us. It flatters myself they
have already made such progress, as ensures their permanence better we
advance rapidly, and in avoding [?] beyond [expectation?]. The [Minns?]
ship [once a leisure?] was & already they [seem?] with [some?] eminent
farmers. [What?] [?] object with them. Nevertheless, under all
circumstances, I should rejoice at an honourable peace, tho' [though?] in
such wish I perhaps consult my own feelings [more?], then the interest of my
country. The events of war are uncertain; & the [destruction?] of [land?],
& morals is certain.
If we are not totally [wanting?] to ourselves nothing can prevent us making
rapid [strides?] to wealth wisdom & power. We wnat no colonies, no
connections, but commerical ones with European powers, & these upon terms
of [fruitful acciprocity?] We can live comfortably & independently without
connection with any of them. We ahve everything but knowledge in abundance,
among ourselves, that we are acquiring fast. [Mrs White &?] my family join
me in best respects to Mrs Simms & you
yours Sincerely
John Campbell White