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Title: McIlrath, James L to McIlrath family, 1861
CollectionThe McIlrath Letters_A family history in letters from New Zealand to Ireland (1860-1915) [Bassett, McKee et al.]
SenderMcIlrath, James L
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationemigrant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew Zealand
DestinationKillinchy, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
RecipientMcIlrath family
Recipient Gendermale-female
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count314
Genredescription of the country, acquaintances
Transcript…I like the country well it is
very warm now but it soon
changes sometimes it is as cold as
you would wish, you would
laugh to see the old hands going
about on a cold morning with
their coats buttoned, there is
sometimes heavy thunder and
still heavy wind and rain at the
same time. The houses are all
board, except the towns they are
mostly stone, at first when the wind
blew strong it nearly feared me as much as
when we were on board the
Donald only I could get running
out if there had been any danger,
tea for every meal here, but still
plenty of new milk which I use
for dinner but the older hands
prefers the tea, you may have had
a letter from James before this.
I should not wonder if he was
married. In a (letter) from the
Caledonia digging to W.J. Alex,
he mentioned some venus with
doves eyes and a combination
of all that was lovely, I am sure
she must been a flower would
nearly entice a bee, her father
was a Yankee worth some three
thousand besides land property
in America, good enough but I'm
sorry to think he is a worshipper
of the money god. I have little
more to say but will write soon
again. Give my best wishes to
Uncle William, and aunts and
uncles Tom Logan, Joseph Logan and Mrs
and Miss Irwin, Mr Jellie's
people. Likewise Robert Cooper
Miss Finlay and Jane Russell.
Remember me to Aunt Alexander
Bella, and the other one
Maggy I think they call her
and all the rest of the family.
No more for the present.
But remain, H. Mcllrath

When you write direct for me to
the care of Mr R. Harper
Kyneton or to Kavanagh the
same as before. W. J. Alexander
to be remembered to all at home.