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Title: McIlrath, Matilda (Tilly) to McIlrath, Mary (Minnie), 1910
CollectionThe McIlrath Letters_A family history in letters from New Zealand to Ireland (1860-1915) [Bassett, McKee et al.]
SenderMcIlrath, Matilda (Tilly)
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKillinchy, New Zealand
DestinationKillinchy, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
RecipientMcIlrath, Mary (Minnie)
Recipient Genderfemale
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Word Count633
Genrespring baths, family
December 11th 1910

Dear Minnie
Your long looked for and welcome letter reached me yesterday and
it gave me great pleasure to read it and hear you are all well. Fancy
Uncle being so hale and hearty at his age, and like my Father fond of
work to the last. I suppose Auntie tries something for her rheumatism.
We in New Zealand are fortunate in having a cure in our natural
boiling sulphur springs, at Rotorua in the N. Island and Haumer
Springs in the South. The Government having erected a Sanitarium
and Baths at both places and during the summer months are greatly
patronised owing to their curative qualities. People come from as far as England to try the New Zealand Springs. I was sorry to hear of Cousin Jane’s boy being blind, has he been blind from birth? She has a nice
family 3 boys and 3 girls, give them all my love. Cousin
Sarah too has joined the matrimonial state, well I hope
she may be truly happy and that they live together a
long and prosperous life, and Cousin James too has taken unto himself
a wife, give them my hearty congratulations for a very happy future,
if either of them have any photographs to spare, please send me one
and I shall send them our groups in return. This applies to any of you
who may chance to have them taken, we in N.Z. so appreciate the
Home Photos. People often laugh at me speaking of Home letters
(because Ireland was not my home) Father always talked of Ireland
as "Home" and our family all do, when I see them they always inquire
if there are any letters from Home yet. I will have my Father and
Mothers grave taken at once and forward as soon as finished so you
can be on the look out. I am also sending you a paper with some photographs of Lord Plunkets farewell visit. I have marked myself
and my neice who presented the flag. I hope you may go and see it
hoisted on Empire Day. You ask me what about paying Ireland a visit.
I should very much like to and would if so much briny ocean did not
lie between, Eva always said she was going Home for a trip, but now
she is married and settled I do not think she will ever be able to make
the journey. However if there are anyone going from here I might be
tempted so don't lose hope for we may meet yet. There were 3 young
ladys went from our district in Feb. and have not as yet returned.
They intended staying a year. Cousin Edith McIlrath at Springfield
has another son, her first boy was not a year old when this one was
born so she has her hands full. They are all well at Springfield also
at Lakeside. This summer has been drier than usual with the result
that the crops are not just so rank looking. Wheat, oats and barley are
just into head here. The farmers have just got their shearing over and
are sending their wool to market. Do you keep any sheep? I expect
you do not like the housework so well as the sewing. Did you take
Sarah's place as organist and do you go to the same place of worship
as father did, and do you live in the "Old Home"? You do not know
how I would like just to visit the place of my Fathers and Mothers
youthful days. I hope you may write sooner than last time. Give my
love to all relations, not forgetting Uncle, Auntie, Johnny and yourself
and a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all From Your
Affectionate Cousin
Tilly Thompson