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Title: John Campbell, [?], to J. Hanbury, [?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCampbell, John/4
SenderCampbell, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
RecipientHanbury, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD.162/47: Presented by Major A.F. Dobbs, Castle Dobbs, Carrickfergus.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9502199
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count570
Transcript[No Date] Letter From America

My friends here advised me to Embark immediately for England
on this occasion but my private affairs are liable to suffer exceedingly
by a precipitate departure, must rely on my Friends good Offices &
troubling them by letter to crave their Endeavours which
may affect as much as my presence could. I shall write my brother
on this subject and he I hope will assist me as my dependence for
Security will be on him for any undertakings my friend can
procure or Engage me in. My small fortune is entirely in
this Province and in such stuff as is not very mutable lands,
Houses, Negroes and outstanding debts. This present Affair is the
only agreeable prospect to me ever since in this Country, if I
don't I need must jogg [jog?] on through life at the old rate of great
fatigues & many inconveniences incident to doing business in
this place. I have not yet been at leisure to make a journey
thro [through?] the back Country as I propos'd but collected
what information I could, I am told, the whole Lands Mth
[Matthew?] McCulloh [McCullough?] took up will be seated
[seeded?] in very few years the old Planters are moving
outwards from up Northward & Virginia great numbers resort to
these Lands & set down on any place they fancy plant away
they expect some owner will claim & they then intend to
purchase. The Lands on Black River & heads of Cape Fear are
now in great Esteem, as they abound with swampy reedy places
& are exceedingly good ranges for Cattle our people drive two
hundred miles to these places, a few people kept great stocks
without show or noise for some years before they drove any
for sale. The people of the back Country are going on
Indigo, Hemp, Flax & Deary's salt growing
much in Esteem amongst us: the war & necessity put people on
Industry, and has shown them how easy they can supply their wants
within themselves.
I send you in a small Box a sample of white clay & the Ore intermix'd
with the vein which has been traced above a mile in Edgecombe County
the Clay resembles what I saw at Bow for their China ware ( which I
believe is only a bubble with them undertakers [?]) this
clay is near water carriage & if worth anything enough might be
had. The Land is vacant & it's communicated to me as a secret
by some persons who pretend to be judges of these fossills [fossils?], but
desire your opinion. I have ship'd some birds & things for the Earl
Granville & wish they may get safe to him. I have put on board for
you a box of Mirtall Candles which I have mention'd to your Cousin
Thos. [Thomas?] Allen to get on shore as he lives convenient
to the vessells [vessels?] for they are not worth yr. [your?] trouble.
When any other opportunity shall procure & send
you some few Trifles as our best produce can't be Estimated any
thing else to what your City affords, I shall ever have the most
grateful sense of your particular favours to me in London. I shall
be Exceeding glad when any opportunity to make manifest that regard
& Esteem which I can't now, only by wishing you happiness & prosperity
being Sir Yrs. [Yours?] &c
John Campbell.