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Title: Graham, Samuel to Graham, James and David, 1851
CollectionDear Uncle. Immigrant Letters to Antrim from the USA (1843-1852) [R.H. Roy]
SenderGraham, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunemployed
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPittsburgh, Penn., USA
DestinationNewpark, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
RecipientGraham, James and David
Recipient Gendermale
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Word Count987
Genreunemployment, friends, weather
TranscriptLETTER 16
From Samuel Graham to James and David Graham
December 20th 1851

Dear Brothers
I suppose by this time you will think that I am very neglectful for not
writing sooner but the reason was that I did not write before this I was still
waiting on a steddy Employment, but it is verry hard to get, this was one
of the worst falls was this long time when I arived in Pittsburgh I wrote to
David Kerr to find out if I could get anything to do in Cincinnati but he
advised me not to come for it was verry sickly times there. I stopped here
all summer working about the one-fourth of the time.
I started on Coal boats for Cincinnati in Agust and was verry
unfortunate we went to within about 35 miles of Cincinnati and sunk our
boats and had verry hard work to save our lives I lost about 10 soverins and
my Carpit bag and a good many Clothes I was intending to go down to stop
some time in Cincinnati but owing to our misfortune and being left on the
shore with nothing but my shirt and pants I had to come back to Pi ttsburgh
for fortunattly I had some mony in my trunk. There was four of the men died
after the came to Pittsburgh with the Fetagues of the trip. If it had been at
night we would a been all lost. We had to ly on the shore all night and the
first steam bot came up, we got on for Pittsburgh. The rules of Coal Dotting is that when you loss you get no pay when you mak a good trip you mak from
one and half dolars till two dolars per day and bord. I was then idle for a
long time sometimes working 2 or 3 days till the 17 of Nov. I went to Coal
boating. I made a verry good tripe to Luisvale in 10 days. I came up and
stopped a few days in Cincinnati and then come to Pittsburgh.
William Kerr is in verry poore Health he is I am afraid in Consumption
he is much in the same way as Matilda was, (he) was not working this long
time David & Samuel is in good health. Samuel is learning to bee A
steambot Carpenter, he went to the house Carpinter work first but could
not stand it. He was idle a good part of the Summer he was sick sometimes
but he is in good health now and working at his trade his boss thinks a great
dale of him and say he is one of the quietst boys ever he had. John is left
Orleans and gone to Vanburin Arkansas he is in a great better health than
when he was in Orleans. John wrote me a letter but I never got it Samuel
Raney & him was thinking of purchising a farm in Texes and going to raise
Mules. It is a verry profitable bisness but it takes a good Capitable.
I am in verry poore health at present myself since I came upe the
river. I got a verry sivere cold on the steambot, has been confined to bedd
for 2 weeks. I have a pane in my Left Brest and shoulder. I could not turn
myself in the Bedd. I applied to a doctor and he Blistered me round the
shoulder and brest and down to the small of the beck. This is the second day
for me to bee out of bedd and i am so weake that I cannot travil across the
Roome, but I am getting better now.
Wm & David Kerr was expecting James out this fall. But if he is going
to come the' expected him before now the' are verry uneasy to heare from
him. Wm Kyle lives about 18 miles from this if I was well again I will go and
see him. There is a grait many Antrim people here, Tom Laverys brothers
Wm and Arthur Wm is at work the same place he was in - the are in good
health. Wm Atchisons son Samuel of Niblock is here & in good health &
a grait many others.
It is verry cold weather here at present the Rivers is all frozen up now
and so is the emails and bisness of every sort is verry flat here now. When
you write let me know if John Brican wrote horn and where he is. There is
a friend of his here Alexander Simson would like to know where he is - he
never got any word of him after he left his acquaintances in York. Let me
know if any word of Tom Reed I never heard any word of him since i left him
in Philadelphia. Let me know all the particular news when you write.
Give my best Respects to Mr & Mrs. Fleming and all the rest of my
Acquaintances. Please excuse this short letter. I have no more to say at
present. But remains your affectionate brother.

Samuel Graham.
When you write Direct to me to the care of Mr James Millar, Boot and Shoe
Maker, Smith field Street, Pittsburgh, PA, America.
P.S. Write as soon as this comes to hand S.G.

On Account of my sickness I am rune short of money and hase incured a
little debt and if you would bee so kind as to send me the sum of £25 which
will grately oblige me at this time for it is verry unpleasant to bee sick in
a strange place without mony I believe the best way to send it is to poot it
in the Bank and send the Chack to me inside of a letter But Mr. Crawford
will tell you all about it.
Please send the mony as soone as possible