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Title: Joseph Carrothers Canada to William Carrothers Lisbellaw
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCarrothers, Joseph/1
SenderCarrothers, Joseph
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLondon, Ontario, Canada
DestinationCo. Fermanagh, N.Ireland
RecipientCarrothers, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT3734: Presented by E.N Carrothers 3, University St. Belfast
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9411009
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count773
TranscriptJanuary 4th 1860

Dear Brother,
I am spared through another year all in good
health thank God for all his mercies to usand I hope
these few lines will find you and family in good
health as the leave me and mine at prsent, we are
now in our winter snow this three weeks but the
last week of Last month was a cold week the
Thermometer from 50 to 100 below Zero. Saturday last
very many got themselves frozen feet some
fingers some ears and some noses it is not very bad
if you notice it in time and rub it with snow until
you bring out the frost, if in the feet off with
the Boots and hose and run through the snow, if
not it becomes like a burn or scald the skin comes
off and it dose [does?] be long healing. Since September
1858 we have had frost in every month since, summer
and Winter, The June frost left without fruit, it
kild [killed?] Apples, Plumbs [plums?], Peaches, Cherries,
Vines, and the others small fruit. The Puttatose [Potatoes?]
was kiold [killed?] one inch under the ground, but the 4 of
July we had afrost such as wass [was?] not
known before. It kiled [killed?] all
the fall wheat that was shot out of the blade. Some
mowed it down at the time others let it stand to
ripen the straw but no grain never grew after.
Clover and other grass was not [ingered?], but after
all we have aplinty.[aplenty?]. The spring wheat was very
good. Peas, and oats and Puttatose [Potatoes?] were very
good. I think I have as good Crops as ever I eat. There is
more vegetable crop raised now than was some years past
such as Turnips, Beets, Carrots, Parsnips, Cabbages
and all Garden vegetables which grow to perfection.
Our Country man George Laird Died on the 6th of
October last he had 4 hundred pounds of money to
Bequeath to his Children. He left his son Robert
Laird 50 pounds Currancy [Currency?]. He was living with
Mark Carrothers these last two years on his Board. I
have got no letter from Paul these last three years,
let me know if James Clegg sends any letters if he
would mention him in any of them. Let me know if
it is James and Acheson Black and I that is the
Lives of Mr James Copelands Lease. Let the Lunnys
of Cloon know I am living and well and let me know
if the are living in it. Let the Glasmullagh family
know that Margaret and me are well and let me know
how the are. Remember us to Miss Armstrong and let
us know how she is getting on if maried [married?]. Your
Brothers and Cosins [Cousins?] and their families are all
well, the are all heads of large families. Last night David
had his 5 son Born, that is 5 sons and 5 daughters.
My son William has two, son and daughter, he is
well. We get no word from the Stuarts how the are
doing, the do not be down here and I cannot say
anything of them.
This country has suffered very much this
year by Speculators men that run into debt
bying [buying?] property and Borrowing money to pay for it,
until money rose from 8 pr cent to it went in some instances
to 25 and some above 30 such was the ambition of
some there was Farms sold two years agoe [ago?] and the
would not sell for the half now. Purchaseing [purchasing?]
Ground and building in London was carried to such an extent
that nothing could equal it, their Tenants is gone and the
houses not worth the Corporation tax, and worse left
others in bail for them and the property not worth the
ground rent. There was a man went off three weeks agoe
[ago?] and he has left his Bailsmen in large sums of Debt
which will put them down. He left them near 100 thousand
pounds to settle with the Banks. Such men has been
the ruin of the country, but the country will be rid
of them very soon and things will come to a balance.
I hope Dear Willy you will answer this letter
and let me know of all my old neighbours. If there
is any seeds in the Marchmallows that is good, and
on the Queen-cups send me a few grains in the letter,
rub a little starch on the paper in the crase [crease?] of
it and the will stick to it, five or six grains each.
Remember me to all my old friends
I remain Dear Brother Yours
Joseph Carrothers.

Mr William Carrothers
Co. Fermanagh
London U.C. [Upper Canada?] Ja [January?] 5 1860
Hamilton C.W. [Canada West?] Ja 6 1860
Dublin 1A Ja 23 1860
Lisbellaw Ja 24 60 [1860?]