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Title: Joseph Carrothers, London, Ontario to W.Carrothers, Farnaght, Fermanagh
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCarrothers, Joseph/36
SenderCarrothers, Joseph
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLondon, Ontario, Canada
DestinationCo. Fermanagh, N.Ireland
RecipientCarrothers, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT3734:Presented by Edward N. Carrothers, 3 University Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9411031
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1171
TranscriptOctober 23rd 1848
Dear Brother,

I take this oppertunity [opportunity?] after the laps [lapse?]
of another year of sending you a few lines to let
know I am stil [still?] in good health as I have been since
I arrived in this place and all my family thank God for
all his kind mercies hoping the will find you and family
in the same I received your letter of answer
in due time I wrote to Miss R Armstrong but received
no answer and I wrote to Mr Robert McFarland as I
promised to do but received no answer I have received
Mr James Copeland's News papers regularly for which I
am very gratefull to him for his kindness I hope he
and his Fathers family is in good health as the were
when he wrote the few lines give my thanks to him
in the most respectful manner, and I hope he will
continue his favours, Dear Willy I have been very
busy this summer building a house and I am living
in it now I have a neat Cottage House 30 feet by 20
the out walls 10 feet high of mud and inside walls
of Brick It is well thought of in this country
(stone is very rare in this place) I have a dislike
to the timber Houses the are very cold in winter and
very hot in summer and the are allways [always?] sinking and
twisting. I got help from Brothers and Csins [Cousins?] but
I was Brick layer and Carpenter my self the wondered
I done the fireplace so well your Brothers Samuel
Nathaniel and Thomas and families are all in good
health and lives well, cosins [Cousins?] James and George and
Families are well the made a good change you could
not think the are as well their stock and crop is
so good George had 3 acres of Wheat he has 200
Bushels threshed of wheat and I cannot say how much
oats the crops is very abundant in this part of the
Country there has been a partial rot in the putatoe [potato?]
crop Cosin [Cousin?] Mark is well he is my nearest neighbour
about 40 rods [roods?] from House to House David and Mick
and families is well Mark is the Batchelor [Bachelor?] as yet
(Cousin Becky) Mrs Webster and husband is well she
has no family Margaret Gr.. [Graham?] otherways Mrs Harper
lives in Toronto and is very well off expe [sic] Mrs
Betty (Mary Graham) up to see the old friends in a
few days I have been advised to not mind settling
on wild land and Thomas gave me an acre of land
sowed in wheat on the 5th concession (that is the
name the Government roads has that is laid out in
survey of the lands it is the principal road from
the east to London) and try to live by the trade
as the prospect is good in so thriveing [thriving?] a
Opposite my House a Mr Rutledge owns 200 acres of
land and he gave me the liberty of it for 8 years
until his son is of Age, to Clear and crop and
pasture as I please for the time. I had better
than half an acre of very fine pitatoes [potatoes?] in Thomas
land. Thomas has been very clever with me, I wrote
to Paul in December last but i got no answer let
me know if John Clegg got any I word in his letters
of him, and when he writes he will please to mention me
to him and to his Uncle James and family, I gave some
plants of Balm of Gilead and Annaglis to William
Graham and to Miss Rebecca Collum and to Thomas Johnston
you will oblige me if you will make it your business
to get some of the seed of the Balm of Gilead &
the Annaglis you will send them in your next letter
You will fold your letter first and then open it again
and rub a little paste in the crase [crease?] and stick a row
of the seeds in it and fold it up I have sent seeds to
Paul in that way. I gave plants to Miss Armstrong you
can get some of them put in to a corner of a newspaper
by my Friend Mr J.C. do not neglect it; remember us
to Mr and Mrs Tailor and Mrs Armstrong let me know who
got Dr Dane's property and who lives in Drimmad let me
know how Edward Stuart and family is how he is doing
remember us to Wm Mcmullin and Mr Collum and Mrs and
Miss Collum let me know if any of my old acquaintances
came out this last season and any Deaths that you would
think I would wish to know of, let me know if Anne
Crawford wrote home and where she settled for she did
not write to me as she promised let me know if Mrss
[Mistress?] Betty is well, and who she got to be her neibour
[neighbour?], Margaret wishes to know if her Aunt Tailor is
living let Mr Hugh Lunny of Cloone know I am living and well
remeer [remember?] us to Mr and Mrs Thomas Betty and all my
old friends - this is a very fine country for all kinds of
grain crop the Old settlers is very well to live the
only thing against the Farmer he has a cheap market to
sell his produce in but he dose [does?] not want much money;
when he has got his Deed there is no further demand of
him only a small tax once a year wheat is from 2s 6d
to 3s sterling pr Bushel of 60 pounds putatose [potatoes?] 2d
pr stone (but the are sold by the Bushel) Apples 6d
pr Bushel and peaches 2s 6d pr Bushel this has been a
fine fruit year there is a kind of cherry in the woods
that bear fruit in like manner as the currants the grow
very large tree from 2 to 3 feet thick and upward of
60 feet high and quite strait [straight?], the timber is
beautiful and very durable Flower [Flour?] 2 Dollars pr
hundred of 100 pounds beef 1 to 1 1/2 pr pound Mutton the
same, all the is counted York [Toronto?] money or Currancy
[Currency?] money Currancy money is the the lawful money of
the country that is one pound stn [sterling?] is one pound
five Currancy [Currency?] one shilling stn is 15d currancy
[currency?] four Englus [English?] in one
Dollar and is 5S [shillings?] Currancy (Hallifax) [Halifax?]
our 6d is a York [Toronto?] shilling
(York [Toronto?] Currancy) Dear Brother answer this letter as
soon as it comes to hand and let me know how you are
able to meet the demands that is on you for I know the
must be Great Margaret and the boys join me in
love to you and your partner and children
I remain your affectionate brother
Joseph Carrother.

Mr William Carrothers
Franagh [Farnaght?] (Lisbellaw)
County Fermanagh
Enniskillen 1/2 stg [sterling?]

London U.C. [Upper Canada or Ontario?] Oct [October?] 23 1848
Enniskillen Nov [November?] 22 1848