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Title: MacArthur, John Sr to MacArthur, Robert, 1798
CollectionMacArthur Letters
SenderMacArthur, John Sr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCarrowreagh, Co. Donegal, Ireland
DestinationUniontown, Penn., USA?
RecipientMacArthur, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMGL
Word Count662
Genrewar, politics, family
TranscriptCarrorag [Carrowreagh] Jue n the 20 y' 179
Robert this will inform you that [I] in joy my former Steet of health at present thankes to God for his mercy to me and would Regios [rejoice] to know that you wer fefered [favoured] with the like Blising. I shewed your l eters wrot at your Landing and wrot to you in Maey last. I am afred that you had a gret Deal of trubel and expen ce on your journey to Unenin towen [Uniontown, Pa.,] or before you could setel in aney way of Busness [.] I long to hear from you or your Brothers as I goot now [no] leter from you or them but toen [two] after your landing[.] there is no letter from Moses Scott com to hand when you writ to mee. let mee know if the Boyes is well that you had in your Care or if they Live with your Brothers and what you know of Andrew McFredrek and George Thomson or if you sen Henry McClanahan------ you wanted me to let you know what tiems [times] we had in this contrey when I wrot to you[.] Befor the Contrey was quiet a nd no Disturbence apeered to bee, but it Brok out in Reblion [rebellion] at Wadford [Waterford] and Countey of Cleaer [Clare] and a great number is kieled and taken like wies [likewise] in the Countey or Dowen [Down] and Antrem [Antrim] and some pleases [places] in the Countey of Dery [Derry] but not to such a great Extrem as in the wast [sic]of Irland [.] Much dameg is Don. Maeny has lost their lives and property and many punished by milletery law for the Contrey is all under Milletery law and they hold a Court marshall and whipes [whips] them to Death or hangs them as they think proper [.] I think it mostly over for they can mak nothging of it but to geet them selves kild and the Contrey distroyed [.] Thi s that I have let you know is the unhapey Consequence of the Union and unhapey it is to the Dleuid [deluded] peopel how [who] was son fare [?so far] mislead but I hope that the Countey or Dinegall [Donegal] and Troen [Tyrone] if they Behaves as they have don that wee will have know [no] Disturbence or at least the parish of Faien [Fahan] and Tempelmore and the Baronry of Rafoh [Raphoe] [.] Ther is a great number of yomen well mounted to keep Down aney plunders [plunderers] from Robing the Contrey [.] I have wrot toen [too] long on such Disagebel Subjct and the subjet is not a plesent one for me to mention that of war Betwen the Stets of America and france [.] Should it hapen it will make old frendes that was leat [late] enmiyes be good frendes agan--------------------
Let me know the first opertunitey wher Andrew McFredrek is setled and how he is that his Mother might writ to him and allson all the other Lades. We have had our land surved [surveyed] this Maey to geet a Renuel [renewal] [.] Talbert is Dead and Lord Dingall is in a bad steat of health [.] I have got nothing for that not[e] I payed you for flax seed sold from 2s-8d to 2s-2d per galan [gallon] [.] I hope if I lives to writ agaen that our Contrey will be in asetled [sic] steat and that the french wi ll Drop ther hostill Disiens [designs] -----

I hope you will write to me at all opertunt yes and let me know how my old frend Samuel Rinken [Rankin] and his family is for it would give me pleshur to hear of ther being well setled and hapey [.] I conclued with my Love to you as A father

John McArthur

To Robert McArthur
Mr Robert McArhur // Care of Col. Moses Mcclean // York County // or Care of M’alexander McClean// Union town