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Title: MacArthur, John Jr to MacArthur, Robert, 1800
CollectionMacArthur Letters
SenderMacArthur, John Jr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginGreen Forth, Co. Donegal, Ireland
DestinationShenango, Penn., USA
RecipientMacArthur, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMGL
Word Count494
Genrepolitics, farming
TranscriptGreen Forth May the 27 1800
Robert as this opertunity presents its self I think it My Duty to Inform you of our good state of health which We are highly feavoured with and hase been since you left us, and above all the Gifts god bestows on his Creatures At [word illeg.] stands the foremost such Blessings Clames our Greatfull Thanks for every Marcey [mercy] he is plesed to besow [bestow] to us unworthy Creatures, and indeed since you left us They have been emenently Displayed[.] our Contry [?county] saved from National Calamaty our Dwellings not Burned nor our lives Taken which was very general in many parts of the Kingdom. But since ye end of the rebllion our Countey have been very tranquill only some Night Depredations which is shoking to my generous Mind and Hurtfull to ye Civil part of the Community ---------

44452730500521335106299000019608801063117000We have had Many reports from America in behalf of the Government of that Kingdom with some vague accounts of it being on the Eve of a revolution [.] But let them take Care that is a thing not to be sported with and Experience has taught the reasoning part of Mankind The following simple truths - That in political institutions Nothing is stable that is not just [,] that gross and increasing abuses lead necessary[ly] to violence and revolution[,] Timely and effectual Reform to peace and security. That as violence therefore and revolution are but Desperate remedies for Desperate evils and as once applied is not in human wisdom to foresee or prescribe limits to thier cause it is the extreme either of human folly or Depravity in Government to make such remedies seem generally Necessary or in the people Without evident and palpable Necessity to resort to them [.] But as politicks is a thing Not to be spoken of by any Irishman I lay aside that subject-------

We have been very fortunat in behalf of our Crop Last year, and has saved some thing Considerable a thing that a great [many] cannot say living in a Better place.

Robert [,] I Expected some of you home last year and I would be glad to see Brother Andrew in this countrey for I think long to see him [.]

When he or any of [?you] ships for Ireland be ware of Boating as there was some lost on our casts [coasts] Last year [,] some passengers attempting to smmuggel some Bucks Skins in Fannet Near Ramullin [Rathmullan] [.] The Boat was overset by a ground swell But by the providence of god and the assistance of the Natives of the place they were saved. Your Uncle Porters Family is Well [.]. your sister joins Me in Love to you and her Brothers[.]. No more but Remain Your Br, John Mc Arthur

Direct to Moses Scott Buches [butchers] gate
London Derry
Mr Robert McArhur
Mr Robt McArthur
Craford Countey
?Per [illeg.]

John McIntire
Esqr Crawford County