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Title: 23. From James Prendergast to his children in Boston
CollectionThe Prendergast Letters. Correspondence from Famine-era Ireland (1840-50) [S. Barber]
SenderPrendergast, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMilltown, Co. Kerry, Ireland
DestinationBoston, Mass., USA
RecipientPrendergast children
Recipient Gendermale-female
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count404
Genrefamily, neighbours
TranscriptMr Cornelius Reardon N° 2
Shortstreet Court Boston
state of Massachusetts
N. America


Milltown 9th August 1845

My dear Children
On the 2nd of August Instant I received your Letter of the 15th
of last month. That I was happy to find ye were well is no more than what every man must be, on hearing from his friend. To say this would
be [...] saying only what every man in ray situation should say
but I have cause to be more joyful than others. I find that ye
are happy where so many suffer hardships. Also we were very uneasy
this time past. Your mother and I had so many dreams about
ye. We dreaded that something was the matter with you
but we are relieved from our fears, and we rest happy
in the assurance that ye are well. We are well in health, thank
God, and so are your Brothers and their families. Your Brother
Michl desires to send ye his blessing, and his sincere thanks for
the kind promise ye made him. He certainly does not enjoy
good health, and certainly is not able to work well. If he had a
little Horse or Mule He says he could do, and that your promise will
enable him to get one. If ye see either of ^your^ Cousins the Fords, tell
them that their Mother is really distressed in Cork Thos Kelliher
the Carman told me he met her, worn and old and going about attempt
=ing to work for her daughters. She said that she was
very poorly situated endeavouring to work and unable to
do so. She said that she had not the sign of a cloak and
that if she had she would return to Milltown that
she could live more comfortably by begging among her
neighbours than she did where she was. Maurice
removed on the first July last. He lives with Mr John Lynch
at Dromin near Killarney. He has a very good place with
constant employment. His Wages are a House and Garden the grass of
a Cow, three sheep and his ass and six Pounds yearly. Nothing
troubles us except when we are for any length of time without
receiving an account from ye. Your Mother unites with
me in sending ye our love and blessing and I remain
your affectionate Father
James Prendergast