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Title: 34. From James Prendergast to his children in Boston, and from Ellen Prendergast to her husband Michael
CollectionThe Prendergast Letters. Correspondence from Famine-era Ireland (1840-50) [S. Barber]
SenderPrendergast James / Prendergast, Ellen
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationfarmer / housewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMilltown, Co. Kerry, Ireland
DestinationBoston, Mass., USA
RecipientPrendergast children
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipfather-children / wife-husband
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count459
Genrefamily / family, adversity
TranscriptMr Comelious Riordn
N° 16 Pearl Place
America Boston Mass


Milltown Bleach Road

My Dr children I received your letter of the
30th November 47 and am happy to hear you are all
well as this leaves me and your mother Thanks be to God. I receive
£7..o..o four pounds for me self two
pounds for Michales wife and one pound for
Maurice which I have Delivered According to your
Directions. Not forgeting young James you sent no
Acct of him in this letter nor any Ace1 of your wifes
which which which would give year mother and
me the greatest pleasure of hearing from you all
and to have all the names mentioned when
you writing. Alls I wish verry much to have a letter
from Con and Julia. I need not say any thing about
Maurice in this letter as he is to write to ye himself
but surley him and family was in their Grave only
for the Assistance he recd from ya. Now my Dr
children I am your Fathe I send you all my Blessing.
Your mother also sends you all her Blessing and joins
me in love to you all and I can Assure you we had not
one shilling to spare when we recd this last welcome
letter. I wis to have an Answer to this letter as soon as
Possible and let me know how is Michls Health in that
country. So my Dr children I remain your loveing Father
James Prendergast

Milltown Bleach Road

My Dr Michl It gave me great Pleasure
to hear from you. I recd two pound from your father
which was verry much wanting to me and the
children. Me self nor the children got none of the
relief male these four months past. The comitee for givun relief came to a plan and kept male from the famileys of Every man that went to
America. My father and mother are in verry bad
Health. Me father is not able to work these six
months past. I could not stand a tall were it not
for the Assistance I got from my Peopleinlaw and
from my Father. Now the times are so bad I cant
Expect any more from them so I Expect yowill
write as soon as possible for the children ^are^ Bare and
Naked from cloaths and when you are writing
Direct your letter to me self. The three young
children are after a long sickness and are now
recovered. So my Dr Husband I conclude by reman
your love wife Ellen Prendergast
N.B John James Hurly of Killorglan
is Dead Burned on this Day month