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Title: [?] Anderson, Champion, to his Family, Londonderry
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAnderson, John/22
SenderAnderson, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginChampion, USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N. Ireland
Recipienthis parents
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceD 1859/9: Presented by Dr. J.T. Anderson, 16 Ashley Gardens, Banbridge, County Down,< Northern Ireland
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9012081
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptTo: "Dear mother Brothers and sisters"
[County Londonderry?],

From:[?] Anderson,

Champion June the 8 1849

Dear mother Brothers and sisters if yet alive I take the
Oportunity [opportunity?] of writing you a few lines to let
you all know that we are all well at present and in the
enjoyment tolerable good health at present which is the
greatest blessing this world can aford [afford?] we received
your letter dated March 19th on May the 25 that you sent with
the berer [bearer?] Margaret Mearten [Martin?] which gives us
great satisfaction to hear that you were all well and in the
enjoyment of good health at that time we received your
letters that mentioned about our Fathers death which we were
all very serious to hear likewise about the check dear
brother we heard all about the starvation in Ireland but the
distance being so far and money being so hard to be got here,
I sopose [suppose?] if you had been handy we could asisted
[have assisted?] you with something els [else?] money is
plenter [more plenty?] in the Citys [cities?] and esy [easy?]
to be got than the Cntry [Country?] but you may set it down
that when a persons comes to America that the [they?] get
hard harted [hearted?] it is an old saying and [truer?] one
for man to mind himself in America but when i [I?] read your
letters it makes me shed tears with joy to hear from you all
but I think iff [if?] any of you was out here I would help
you all I coud [could?] if you stood in need of it and my
[---missing] it to give Dear Brother has sold his farm and
went to the sate [state?] of Penselvene [Pennsylvania?] the
distance from here is about thirty miles we can go in about
half a day with a horse and what the [they?] call a bugy
[buggy?] he was out hear [here?] about tow [two?] months ago
and the [they?] ware [were?] all [--ll?] then he lives about
a mile and a half from Andrew McKee he keps [keeps?] what the
[they?] call dery [dairy?] that is making chees [cheese?] in
the summer he has about twenty cows in the sumer [summer?]
you stated in your letter that Brother John had lost the site
[sight?] of one of his eyes but it is all falsehood and you

may depend on my word for I heard the sam [same?] report
before I was to hours landed in new york [New York?] it
was David [Mclivey?] and another fellow that rased [raised?]
the report and it was by saving them form [from?] geting
[getting?] a whiping [whipping?] that the report was rased
[raised?] Dear Brother we don't think it strange that you
write to brother Robert about his Children for I think myself
[---missing--] he might do before for them than he has done
he writes to us that he is dowing [doing?] well out in
Indiana - but I think he might do beter [better?] for his
children than he has down [done?] -
Brother John has wrote to him about his children but he never
writes what he is going to do about them and we forwarded
your letters that mention bout [about?] the death of our
father and about the check but I think he will tack [take?]
care of number one Brother John received a letter from Joseph
from Indiana about the time he was out here and he stated
that the [they?] ware [were?] all well when he wrote the
[they?] have bought land out there land sels [sells?] from a
dollar and a half to tow [two?] dollars per acer [acre?] in
Indiana wood land sels [sells?] round about where we live
form [from?] five to six dollars by the acer [acre?] and farm
ten to fifteen dollars by the acer [acre?] that is land that
is called cleared up what we call in good farmer older
[--nd?] holdings on it Dear Brother we ware [were?] serious
when we heard about James McIntyres death ant [aunt?] Bety
[Betty?] that left the Callans wrote us a letter and stated
about his death Dear Brother you stated in your leter
[letter?] that sister Hannah thought some of selling out and
coming to America she might do well but I wood [would?] not
like to advise her for fere [fear?] she wood [would?] not be
satisfied but I think it wood [would?] be the best thing she
coud [could?] do for her Children I wood [would?] like to see
you all out here and I think it wood [would?] be the best for
all your Children but whither [whether?] it wood [would?] be
the best for you it wood [would?] be hard for me to say but I
have never heard many say that the [they?] ware [were?]
sorrow for leaving Ireland for I think that if Cousen
[cousin?] Samuel [Kinniks?] had a come to America when Cousen
[cousin?] John Roberts write for [illegible] that he wood
[would?] a found a good friend before him and my opinion
[illegible] John wood [would?] been a living man when he
wrote to Samuel he was [wo-- illegible] about five hundred
dollars John don [did?] well as long as him and us right
together and then i [I?] sopose [suppose?] his company was
not so good I went to him and tried to get him to come in by
land beside us and he thought he wood [would?] but I sopose

[suppose?] that when I left him his companions persweeded
[persuaded?] him out of the notion it makes me shead [shed?]
tears when I think of him yet for I think that he equal dont
[do not?] sale [sail?] the sea very often for a good harted
[hearted?] felow [fellow?] and I think Cusen [cousin?]
[Nimick?] him and his family wood [would?] a don [done?] a
great del [deal?] better to a come to America than to stay in
Ballinree and to pass a [highment?] to keep up them what I
call big bugs (sic) I think it strange that Andrew McMichael
and Elizabeth do not [--?] us a letter and let us know how
the [they?] are getin [getting?] a long Dear Brother I sopose
[suppose?] again this time that some of your boys is tacking
[talking?] about coming to America it is fine countery
[country?] for boys and geirls [girls?] geirls [girls?] has
from one dollar to dollar and [missing] hear [here?] pere
[per?] week and hard to be got it is a fine country for
geirls [girls?] if you want to hire a geirl [girl?] a wich
(sic) or to [----?] most tak [take?] a horse and bug
[buggy?] for them