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Title: J. [Carswell?], Augusta, to M. Sinclair, [Co. Down?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCarswell, Joseph/50
SenderCarswell, Joseph
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmentions having servants, plantation owner?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAugusta, Georgia, Usa
RecipientSinclair, Margaret
Recipient Genderfemale
Relationshiphe's her suitor
SourceD/3305/4/2 : Deposited by Dr. K. A. Miller.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9805354
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1056
TranscriptAugusta 26th June 1823

My dearest Margret [Margaret ?]
I expected, ardently expected a letter
from you long ere this - In fact I began to fear you have
made some other more happy person the object of your
affection - and that person whoever he may be who is
fortunate enough to gain your esteem I consider happy
Such however was my expectation of receiving a letter
from you, long before this time containing your assent
to unite your destiny with mine - that I am at length
wearied waiting for your reply ; and I again lift my
pen, to ask you whether you ever want to see me or not.
It is my dear M [Margaret ?] yourself and only yourself
I want, I care not for fortune ,had you twice as much ; but
if our parents require penny for penny, I will exhibit
to them two for one ; and property your for and - if it is
the sanction of our parents you wait for ere, you are willing
to give me a reply - I hope you will not hesitate to
reply to me in this way - that you are willing to unite
your destiny with mine on the consent of our parents - And
such a reply from you I will have here in may next and see
you at all events by the middle of July
I have no doubt of getting the immediate consent of our
parents shortly after my arrival - no more doubt of it
than I have I now pen the contents of this sheet Then
only say you are willing to be mine if our parents have no
objection - say so, and my hand and heart are still open
to receive under their protection the only bosom I ever
loved the object of my premeval love - yes
where'eer I am, whatever part I bee [be?] -
My heart dear Margret [Margaret ?], fondly turns to thee -
When we are married I will retire from all public business ;
my time will be spent in the company of my Margret
[Margaret ?] with one continued glow of affection and
esteem - will the tender heart of your Joseph Watch over
you - your happiness will be his constant care, your comfort
his real consolation.
In the winters we will spend our time as I now do at
our house in Augusta, which is 80 miles from
Crossanchors ; there will we enjoy luxuries and pleasures of
life, mid the society of our friends and theatrical amusements -
In the summer we will retire to the more fertile shades of
crossanchors there to participate of the rural enjoyments
that place so abundantly and so luxuriously affords - I
will promise you even more - you will never see your
Joseph disguised in ardent spirits I can say with a
truth that I have never been disguised in spirits
since I came to this country - nor never will.
My servants will obey your commands with agility and
with satisfaction to you - you can order your carriage
whenever you are so disposed it will immdially [immediately ?]
be brot [brought ?] out with fat horses -and servants to wait
on you - I promise you still more and that is my own
unchanagable affection - also that we will go home and see
our father and mother whenever it is your ardent wish - I
send this letter enclosed to Rodert - he will give it to you,
and you may depend on his secrecy to all intents and
purposes - If I am to spend my days without you ; do my
dearest Margret [Margaret ?] - tell me so candidly at
once, treat not the purest affection and esteem ; that
of your Joseph, with silent contempt
O do than teach my nature to subdue
Runaunce my love my life myself - or you
Till my fond heart with God alone for he
Alone can rival, can succeed to thee.
If our parents do withold their consent (which I hope
they do not) you are certainly not acting consistently to
be governed in such a case -it is your own happiness
and the happiness of no other you have to consult -
Read Buckans domestic mediam in speaking of love
page 120 - Robert will give it to you if you ask him I
presume - I hope you will not delay your reply [Torn]
an immediate opportunity of forwarding it by hand fear
will "post pay" it to Dublin and it will come to
me in the packet - Do not delay it let me intreat you -
I have no doubt it will breathe all that affection of
some which will constitute a willingness to be mine -
O purest affection ! thou art a companion which no
misfortune can distress, no enemy can aleniate [alienate ?] !
no despotism can enslave.
In solitude a solace in society a felicity - thou art a
chastiser to vess a guide to vorture - thou west at once
a grace and goverance to genuis - without affection what
are we ? Splendid slaves reasoning savages - vacillating
between the dignity of an inteligence [intelligence ?]
derived from God, and the degradation of passion partes
sported with brutes.
Please direct to J. Carswell
Augusta . Georgia
America -
by the way of Dublin.
The only letter I ever [received ?] from you was dated
16th sept. 1821 [which ?] I take to be almost equivalent
to one acceptance of my proposals - you say "Robert Recd
[received ?] a letter from me - and you are sorry
that I did not intend to come , had you known that you
would have been provided for " You are provided
now with the affection and love and person and property
of your Joseph - such property I do say with secrecy to you
and without boast as few possess in that country - property
for which I am only indebted to my own exertions therefore
I know how to take care of it -
If there yet remains one glow of affection in your breast
for me you will not delay an answer .-
Yours with unchangable
affection and esteem
Joseph Carswell.