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Title: John & Jane Chambers, East New Jersey to Mrs Thomas Chambers.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileChambers, John/15
SenderChambers, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginEast New Jersey, USA
RecipientMrs Thomas Chambers
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 2299/1a: Copy Purchased from the New York Hist. Soc., 170 Central Park West, New York 24, USA.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
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TranscriptTo Mr Thomas Chambers
and Care of Mr James Yewart [Ewart?]
Liveing [Living?] in Moneyglass
Ireland Near Tandergee [Tandragee?]

Honoured Mother Sunday March the 20th 1796
Freehold Towship [Township?]
Monmoth County
East New Jersey
North America
I take this opertunity [opportunity?] of letting you know
know that I and My family are in good health at Prest
[Present?] thanks be to God for all his Continued Mercies to
us and I trust you all share the Same Blessing since I Came
to this Country I had two children Both Daughters the oldest
Name is Betty for My Brothers Wife the other is Now two
weeks old and My wife is up and well her Name is Jane the
[they?] were Both Born on friday I Now Live within thirty
seven Miles of New York Near the shore and has [have?]
rented A house and Place for one year and after that is
expired I intend for to Go a little farther Back to albony
[Albany?] where the land is Better and cheaper I would of
[have?] gone Long before this but I still expected Letters
from you as I wrote often to you and as I Like this Country
very well and everything seems to Doe [do?] very well with
Dear Mother I want you to Come here very Much and live with
Me and you Can Live better than in Best Mans house in
Ireland and My Brother and Dear Mother you Must Come To Me
without fail and if your is Low agree with the Captain for
your Passage and he is to allow you twenty Days to send Me
word after you Land in New York and I will Come there and
Bring you home the steerage is the Best Part in the ship for
you be sure Lay in plenty of seastore Bread Butter cheese
eggs cafie [coffee?] and three gallons of Porter some
spirits Potatoes Don't treat the sailors to you be sometime
out at sea and be saveing [saving?] for fear of A Long
Passage be sure Bring Me some Black potatoes for seed if it
is ever so fue [few?] when you Land in New York enquire for
Barnard Burns Storekeeper front street New York and enquire
for Boats Comeing [coming?] to Midletown [Middletown?] point
and I live within 9 Miles of it if you write Direct to John
Chambers to the Care of Colonel [Conover?] Freehold Near
Middletown point and I will soon get it then send me word how My
Cousin John to be and all his Brothers is and all My
relations tell My uncle Richard know that from my Cousin
Billy two weeks ago and he and his family is well and my
wife wishes to know how her sister [Nelly?] and two sons is
John Johnston and family and Prudy I have 2 cows two hogs a
fine horse of three years old worth thirty five Pounds and
Can very well he has run two races and won both and is Now
keeping for another and when he is five years old he will
Bring one hundred pound last I and another Man jointly
Bought a young hore [horse?] for fifty pounds Dear Brother
Come here without fail as you Can work at your trad [trade?]
and take Care of these horses as I work out sometimes from
the [they?] are good prices her [here?] for weaveing
[weaving?] you Can get a shilling a yard for weaving
anything from a four hundred to Nine Bring Reeds from four
to ten hundred [alyd?] wide Coarse shuttles sheers and
temples this a good country to trad [trade?] in Cattle I
bought 1 cow for six pounds and sold her the Next year for
thirteen pounds I reased [raised?] two hogs since I Came
here and sold them Both for twelve pounds each the People
wondered to see them and I have one at Present that I epect
[expect?] will do the same we heard of war being at home be
sure send Me word how times is there here we have Peace and
plenty. Prices of Grain are such Wheat sixteen shilling Per
Bushel [?] ton Indian Corn eight Barley Nine Oats four and
wages are according I had all winter six shillings per Day
for threshing and eight shillings for Mowing wages high and
work plenty.
Dear Mother and Brother Come wait for Nobody be sure Come to
New York and if you Can't Come this year be sure write to Me
and My Wife and Me joins in Love to all friends and
relations and Remains your Dutiful son and Daughter Whilest
John, and Jane Chambers

Dear Brother if you have any spare Money Bring Me Good
Rideing [Riding?] saddle as there Dear here and Bridle.
A light saddle suits Best likwise [likewise?] Coper
[Copper?] tea kettles is very dear hear [here?] buy two or
three and use them once and you won't Pay any Duty for them
feather [Beads?] Beds is very Dear here Bring Me one if in
your power Don't sell any Sacks or Coarse Cloth for the
[they?] will be very usefull [useful?] here Good check sells
well here the Last I heard from my Sister she was well I
hope to see her Next fall and I hope My Brother will be here
to goe [go?] with.