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Title: J. Chambers, New York, to Robert Simms, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileChambers, John/40
SenderChambers, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstore owner
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew York, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientSimms, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1815/10: Copied by Permission of Presbyterian Hist. Society, Church House, Fisherwick Place, Belfast. #TYPE EMG J.Chambers, New York, to Robt. Simms, [General Merchant], Belfast, 27th Dec 1807.
ArchivePublic Record Office N.Ireland.
Doc. No.8809109
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Robt Simms Esq
P The Susan
New York 27th Decm
1807 John Chambers
My Dear Simms
I received your kind letter of 22d August with the accustomed satisfaction.
I embrace the present opportunity of saying a few words to you, & sending
herewith a copy of friend Sampson's Memoirs, which will speak for itself -
I have added a copy for our [Presidt?] President association, (just
received in which he declares New Election to the Presidential chair. No
one more capable than yourself of taking the beauty of composition in this
little piece: - the same clearness, terseness & felicity of expression,
& the same justness of principal, which have always distinguished this
great man - as a writer & as a politician
The resolution wh [which?] Wm Jefferson has thus announced, will now put
all our public agitations in Motion for the next twelve Months - & give
rise to that storm of personal [?] in our Ns papers [newspapers?] which will
continue to rage during that period, to the disgrace of our Press & the
scandal of our Authors. This is the more to be lamented, because it
destroys & counteracts the customed effects of a free Press, & in time, may
perhaps, render its services unavailing
These observations naturally lead me to your suggestion for undertaking
public Paper - No, my friend. I could struggle with such a business
[business?] one month, as long as the public feeling can remain unhurt
with the daily interchange of the terms "scoundrel, rascal, &c &c
[etc etc] " - Time however, will work a reform in a task so disgusting
& vicious, but as I am little qualified for a reformer, I must leave the
task in more competent hands
You Irish & English Gentry are the only possessors of a speck of land in
Europe, which the colossal Arms of the great tyrant do not embrace in
their mighty hug
- - I tremble even for you - A peace, I think, will overwhelm Your island
in one confiding night - for he'll never again declare war - he'll give no
days of grace to be prepaid with payment - the last of the Carthaginian
race is not extinct, & his hatred of your island is inextinguishable,
whilst they boast of containing the last spark of Liberty in the old
world. Believe me, that tho [though?] much as he has done to excite
our astonishment - much more remains, - & perhaps even greater
manifestations of the superiority of his genius, & the enormity of his
ambition will appear in a little time
The unwise, impolite & brutal conduct of too many of the Br. Naval Officers
on these stations, has done more mischief to the British Interest, than can
be well conceived in Europe, & may tend to throw us into the arms of
France in despight [despite?] of many of the best Men in the country -
If you have seen Captn [Captain?] Loves letter, &c &c [ect ect?] they
will give you some idea of the impertinence [punillity?] & tyranny
practised by these little despot in the name of a great Nation, where
interests they know nothing of . Tho' [though?] they are daily putting
them in imminent hazard - If they were paid by Bonaparte they could not act
with more propriety
The S.American expeditions you know have ended in immense loss of Blood,
treasure & merchandise - & what is much worse of military reputation!-
Never was so disgracful a business! & never was a fine gallant Army so
sacrificed by ignorance or cowardice or - - defeated by the vilest crew of
ragamuffins, commanded by Men who never before conducted a regiment into
Action. In possession of that Country England might bid defiance to the
world - & her W.I. Islands would be forever in N. America - If the authors
of this calamity are not punished it will astonish every well informed Man
on this continent. God bless you my friend - remember me to your own family
heartily, & to some old friends - Yours always J Chambers