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Title: Edward J. Hanlon to Michael Hanlon
CollectionUlster Migration to America. Letters from three Irish Families [R.A. Wells]
SenderHanlon, Edward J
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstore keeper
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPittsburgh, Penn., USA
DestinationBallymote, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
RecipientHanlon, Mick
Recipient Gendermale
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Word Count457
Genrework, family, friends
TranscriptFrom: 77 & 79 Market Street, Pittsburgh
Date: 30 April 1873

Dear Brother Mick,

I received your kind and welcome letter on last night and was glad to hear that
you are all in good health, as this leaves me the same at present, thank God. I
commenced to work on last [ ] in a dry goods store as a bookkeeper. It is a very nice
place. I have not very much work to do nor long hours. I go in in the morning at
eight o'clock and get our at six in the evening. I have very good wages, 32 shillings
a week. That's for the first start. I expect to have more than that shortly. It is a very
large place, one of the largest in Pittsburgh. They keep about fifteen bookkeepers.
This is the wholesale place that I am in. They have two more stores in Penn Street,
no. 197 & 199. James McKee hasn't got any work yet. He is looking around every
place. Henry Bradley was working three or four days last week but it is not a
constant job. Billy Kelly arrived in Alleghany on Wednesday night last. He was
up to my Uncle's but I didn't see him. I stop in my Uncle's. They are kind enough
themselves but I don't care for their children. They are always quarrelling among
themselves. The people do many a thing here that they wouldn't do at home. You
would laugh if you would see me carrying my basket over my arm with my dinner
in it. The Fergusons are awfully kind. I [ ] live in it as I don't care much for my
Uncle's girls. Mary has a splendid time of it in Mr. King's. It was he that got me in here. I came here as a bundler and then they tried what sort of a scholar I was. He gave me
different questions on arithmetic and on writing, and then he put me to the books.
There are four partners. Joseph Home, John Shea, Burchfield and Johnson. There
are two of them staying in this department and two in the retail. It is very hard to
get into a place without somebody to recommend you.
Dear Mick, as this is dinner time that I am writing this letter, I will not say much
more. With love to dear Mother and Father, Barney, Patrick, Johnny, Ellen, Rose
and yourself. I wrote a letter to Father on the 4th. 1 expect it will be there before
this. Mary and Kate are both in good health. You need not be uneasy about me, as
I will get on first class. Write soon.

Your affectionate brother,