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Title: Pittsburgh
CollectionUlster Migration to America. Letters from three Irish Families [R.A. Wells]
SenderHanlon, Edward J
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstore keeper
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPittsburgh, Penn., USA
DestinationBallymote, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
Recipienthis parents
Recipient Gendermale-female
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Partial Date
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Word Count483
Genrework, family, friends
Transcript4 February 1876

Dear Father and Mother,
I now take this opportunity of writing to let you know we are all in the enjoyment
of good health, and hope this will find you all in the same. As I was very busy this last three months back I didn't have any time scarcely to myself. Knowing that Mary and Kate were writing to you steadily, I did know that they would give you all the news it was possible to be given. Times have slacked off a little with us. We just got through taking stock and that keeps us working until twelve and one o'clock at night. And as two of the partners of the firm are sick and have been away for upwards of three months I had to stay around the store more steadily and had to see that all the goods sold were charged to the right parties, and to mark the checks "OK" before the goods could go out of the house. February we close up our business, and all on the ledger have to be taken off, and that is a pretty big job. I have now got charge of all the money taken in, and have to receipt all bills. This is a very hard thing to do as it requires a person to be very careful and cautious, particularly a Catholic. It takes me always on the look out, for Catholics in this store are pretty much looked
down upon, and I am the only one in it who goes to Church. Mary and Kate are in
good health. Mary and myself was out visiting in a sister's of Mrs. Ardis last week.
Mrs. Ardis is a very kind woman and so are the King's as well. Ollie is out in
California. He is not improving much. My uncle's folk are all well. Richard Savage
is as stout and hearty looking as ever he was in his life. I have renewed my pledge
for life and am very glad of it too, as indeed I see the folly of drink. I see and know young men who it has cursed out on the world, disgraced them and their parents. We have organized a Sunday School association in our church, and they elected me President of it. So that takes us almost all of my time on Sunday. I am also Corresponding Secretary of a debating society, which is one of the grandest things ever I was in. There are lawyers, merchants and everybody regardless of wealth or grandeur. I have debated several times in it and always won the debate. I hope Johnny is studying hard, and that he'll be ready to come out here in the spring. Times are very dull now but will I think brighten up in a short time.
Give my sincerest love to Barney, Patrick, Ellen, Rose and Mike (tell Mike to
write me). I hope that we will all meet some day not far distant. I will now conclude, and give my love to all old friends. I will now say to you all good bye, and hope that you may all live long and happy lives, and many an humble, earnest prayer offer to that end.
I am, as ever, your child to death,
E.J. O'Hanlon