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Title: Bryan Clancy, St John's, N.B. to "Dear Mother & Brother".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileClancy, Bryan/45
SenderClancy, Brian
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstruggling to find work
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSt. John's, New Brunswick
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipson and brother
SourceBritish Parliamentary Papers, 1849, X1, (122), pp 126-127
ArchiveThe Main Library, The Queen's University of Belfast
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TranscriptAppendix to Minutes of Evidence Before Select Committee

Appendix X

St. Johns New Brunswick November the 17th 1847

Dear mother and brother I take the favourable oppurtunity
[opportunity?] of writting [writing?] these few lines to
you hoping to find you are all in as good health as this
laves [leaves?] me and my sister at present thanks be God
for all his mercies to us Dear mother we were very uneasy
for ever coming to this country for we were in a bad State
of health During The Voiage [voyage?] their [there?] was a
very bad fever aboard Peggy was taken to the Cabbin [cabin?]
by the Captains wife and was there from we were a week on
Sea till we came to quarantine and took the fever on the Ship
then all the passengers that did not pass the Doctor was
[sic] sent to the Isleand [Island?] and She was kept by the
Captains wife then on laving [leaving?] the ship. Peggy was
relapsing again and sent to Hospital and remained their
[there?] nine or ten days but thanks be to God we got over
all the Disorders belonging the Ship I was at work at A Dollar
per day But the place got very bad and no regard for new
passengers even a nights Lodgeing [lodging?] could be easy
found I met with Andy Kerrigan and he took me with him to his
house and remained their [there?] for amounth [a month?]
Boarding Mary took a very Bad fever and was Despaired of Both
by priest and Doctor And as soon as She got well Andy took the
Same disease I am Sorry to relate that poor Biddy Clancy And
Catharine McGowan Died in Hospital and A great many of our
friends their [there?] is A prospect of the winter Been
[being?] very bad and I offten [often?] wished to be at home
again Bad and all as we were we offten [often?] wished we
never Seen St. John Dear Mother I hope you will Let me now
[know?] as soon as possible how are you [sic] all my Sisters
and poor Brother and all in good health it is all we are Sorry
for that we cannot Send any relief to you But this place is
Different to our opinions at home any new pasengers
[passengers?] except the [they?] have friends before them are
in Distress its very [sic] to get work here except them that
are in Steady employment The government are about to Send all
the passengers that were sent out here by Lord Pamistown
[Palmerston?] and Sir Robert Home again Because the [they?]
are sure that all of them that did not perish that the [they?]
surely will this Winter Dear mother let us now [know?] how
ye are getting on or are you all in good health I am very
glad that Catharine did not come to this place for a great
deal of our neighbours Died here I am Sorry to inform ye
that James Connolly of Glaniff and wife Died and three
children Thady Freely Died in hospital and Daniel
Gallangher [Gallagher?] and wife of Coolagrapy
[Coolagraffy?] and Roger McGowan of Drinaghan Patt
Giblin and his Brother Domnick and I was very [?] when i
[I?] herd [heard?] that Thady Giblin Died Let us now
[know?] how is Mr. and Misses [Mrs?] Likely and not
Forgetting Baby Peggy Sends her love and Best respects them
Let us now [know?] how is our neighbours Dan McGowan and Patt
Connolly and family and also Patt Quin [Quinn?] Let us
now [know?] how is Honor Flanigan I am Sorry to teel
[tell?] that a great Deal of our Comard [comrade?]
passengers did [died?] in Hospital Mick Waters of
Grange Died and James Gilmartin of Newtown We have a
right To Return God thanks for his Mercy to us Let us
now [know?] how does the markets Rate or is the publick
[public?] works in force or any relief given Since we left that
Country or is Fill [Phil?] or Mary in Service Thanks be to God
I was not one hour Since I came to this Country [sic] but
Peggy was a long time comeing [coming?] round which gave me
great trouble and uneasiness Bridget Conoly [Connolly?]
was given up and was in the quarantien [quarantine?]
Isleand [Island?] Six weeks and her child Died in the
Isleand [Island?] A great many of the passengers went out
to the country and could get no employ Bad as the City
is it is better than the Country We expect to Spend the
Winter here Patt McGowan and his wife and us is [sic]
together and his wife works for the Shops at 2l.5s.
œ2.5s?] Amth [a month?] The day I rote [wrote?] this Letter
Peggy got good Service at two Dollars A mounth [month?] if God
Spares we we [will?] soon be able to send some help to you
and if either Boy or Girl had Had Any Sort of good Service it
would Be Better than Here No more at present But remains your
Loving and affectionate
BRYAN CLANCY and Sister.
When you write Direct your Letter To Thomas Camel [Campbell?]
Publican Portland Dear Mother and Brother Answer this as Soon
as possible.