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Title: O'Donnell, Annie to Phelan, James, 1901
CollectionYour Fondest Annie: Letters from Annie O'Donnel to James P.Phelan [A. O'Donnell]
SenderO'Donnell, Annie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationchildren's maid
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSpring Lake, New Jersey, USA
DestinationIndianapolis, Indiana, USA
RecipientPhelan, James
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count373
Genrework, settling in
TranscriptSpring Lake
New Jersey
August 2nd, 1901

Dear Jim,
Your letter which I received only this morning more than surprised
me. I thought you certainly had forgotten me by this time. You are
the only one I heard from of all I met on the Adria. Like yourself,
when I got into Pittsburgh, other things seemed to bother me, so
that I gave up all hopes of either hearing from or writing to anybody.
To start with, I did not like the Smoky city and loneliness nearly
broke my poor heart. When Xmas time came, I longed for my Ma's
presence, but I was too far away. Once I started to work, things were
coming much easier. I got an easy place for seven months, and then
changed for another, even nicer, position which I am holding just
now. I have travelled a good deal with them and am now spending
the summer in Spring Lake, a seaside resort.
Your letter was forwarded to me by my sister. She must have
kept it quite a while before forwarding it. I should very much like to
know if you have yet learned to like Uncle Sam. I am sure I don't
and never will like it as well as dear old Gal way. 1 hear from home
quite often. My friends there are still true.
You must write very soon again and tell me all about yourself.
Forgive me if I say that I barely remember your face. In fact I must
say that I have but the slightest idea of what you looked like When I got off in Pittsburgh on that day we parted, I didn't
thank you for your kindness to me on board the Adria. Now as this
is one of my busy days, I must bring my letter to a finish and will
give you my present address as well as my Pittsburgh one. I am a
child's maid so am almost always travelling about, but either one of
these addresses will find me.
Hoping to hear from you very soon. I remain, Annie O'Donnell

Annie O'Donnell
c/o W. L. Mellon
Box 249 Spring Lake
New Jersey

Annie O'Donnell
c/o W. L. Mellon
4616 Bayard Street-E. End
Pittsburgh, Pa.