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Title: O'Donnell, Annie to Phelan, James, 1904
CollectionYour Fondest Annie_Letters from Annie O'Donnel to James P.Phelan [A. O'Donnell]
SenderO'Donnell, Annie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationchildren's maid
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPittsburgh, Penn., USA
DestinationIndianapolis, Indiana, USA
RecipientPhelan, James
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count428
Genrework, prospects
[No return address.
Postmarked East Liberty Station
June 27,1904]

My dear Jim,
Another Sunday has come and gone and you don't seem a bit
nearer. Now I am at a loss to know just what I will do as tomorrow
will be my last day here, but the lady has asked me to stay as long as
I could with her but she will leave here on Thursday. When I got
your last letter I surely thought you would be here on Friday night,
and how I did wait for you, but goodness knows how many more
nights I must wait. If I only knew just what to do I wouldn't mind,
but as I am, it is just hard to say anything now. I don't know if you
will settle down here when you come or if you will want to wait a
while longer. Of course, Jim, it is just as you wish it. Only if I knew,
I wouldn't worry, as you see after this week I will not be working
and that means a good deal of expense.
Mrs. B. wants me to spend a few days with her, so when you
come back you will find me either here or with the Brennans. Mrs. B.
has been my only friend since you left, and I certainly will not
forget her.
I want you to wire me just as soon as you get this if only a few
words to say what you are doing. If you do it right away, it will reach
me here.
Wednesday will be the 29th June. What does that remind you
of? If you had stayed here, I'm sure we would both be more
interested in looking for it, but perhaps it was all for the best as
there is another 29th.
I am writing this under difficulties so excuse the mistakes. Now,
Jim, I will ask you please wire me as soon as you get this. Tell me
what to do and when you are coming. I wish you were going to settle down there and send for me. Then I would be happy as that
was always the height of my ambition.
Well, I must hurry as the postman is coming and don't worry
about the pin. If everything was as easily remedied, it would be
easy. I will replace it. Now let me know as soon as you can. I am
waiting. The same address will find me. So now, dear Jim, must
finish with ever fondest love to you, am your old Annie