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Title: Curtis, Hannah to Curtis, John, 1845
CollectionHistorical Society of Pennsylvania Letters
SenderCurtis, Hannah
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMountmellick, Co. Leois, Ireland
DestinationPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
RecipientCurtis, John
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
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Word Count987
Genrechange of residence, potato blight, crops, request for money, family news, acquaintances
Mountmellick November the 24

Dear brother John

I received your letter on the 14th of Nov which gave us great pleasure to hear from you that you are so well since you left home I was often surprisd you did not write to me before now, we are all quite well ever since you left us we are after moving up Street to live in Knaggs house next door to Mr Timothy Dunnes it is him we have the house from we pay L12 a year for it we hold the other house in posesion yet Williams father and mother are still in it we intend to keep it and to keep the men lodging in it by that means we think it wont come heavy on us to keep the too houses for my part I am quite happy to be seperated from the old pair it was very hard for one to live with them for they were always making mischief between William and I Dear brother it is most dreadful the state the potatoes are in in Ireland and all over the world they are all tainted in the ground with every one it is the opinion of every one there will be no potatoes with every one in very short we are greatly affraid there will be a famine this year if the Lord does not do something for the people they are not aware of every thing rates very high at present William can employ 10 men and has work for 3 or 4 more only for the way the potatoes bas turned out
We were very well off we have 2 acres of them sowed this year but they are not good I may say Dear John My Father Mother Margaret Tim and Thomas are all well be bound to the trade he is going to School every day till he is able to go to the trade he is a very good boy he and Margaret and William was confirmed on the 17th of last August as we had his Lordship the Bishop in that month with Thomas has communicated since he was confirmed he promises to be a good boy
I persuaded my father do something for him while he had it in his power he gave William L5
When he was coming he would not take him on any account only for me he would not take him without L12 Dear brother I hope you will send the other 7 lb as it was on these conditions he was taken by William I had very hard set to get my father to be at 5 lb loss by him but I told my father you would not forget thomas I hope the first money you send will be to Wm for Thomas's fee and if you did not send it my father will not and then tom would have to go home which would give me a great deal of trouble you know he is no Service to us this 3 or 4 year I may Say therefore I hope you wont forget him if you Send money and not in tom’s name my father wont give it Mr William Meredith has the house thrown down to the ground and a house built in place of it for himself with regard to the way my father[?] will settle we do not know my father thinks he wont stay with him he would keep them all only for my mother She is as bad as ever if not worse my father was very angry to hear what was in the letter about Jane but for my part I glad to hear what they were sending to america and much affraid they were she would be a catholic
Dear brother I hope you do not neglect your christian duties or that any thing would seduce you to forget the care of your eternal Salvation I hope Jane is not so as she was at home She will be as the rest of her brothers and sister I understand She promised my father not to change her mind
I would not wish she would disrespect her father on any account but She ought not to forfeit her soul for any one but I hope the Lord will open the eyes of her Soul and that he will bring her to the true holy roman Catholic Church Dear brother all your friends are well your Aunt Betty Carrole and family are well I do not see them often my aunt Hannah and family are well when you or Jane would writes I think it very queer of you to direct to any one but me and I living in the town you forgot letting me know where to direct to or where you or Jane were living which greatly anoyed me it was on chance I wrote to you All the neighbours and friends are well the Revd Mr Byrne and Mr Boland are well Mr Byrne would write to you when I would get the next letter from he told me that when you wrote I did hear from my uncle Billy this long time I wonder my aunts that you have met with would not write home we Send our love to you and Jane and aunts and friends I hope you will soon write again be sure and let us know when to write to us it is very unpleasant not to know where to direct to I remain your loving sister H Lynch

Dear Brother I hope you wont forget your respect to my father don't forget Thomas upon any account but send him what I told you they all can do for themselves what he cant you need not be troubleing yourself mentioning so many neighbours as you don't be losing your time or wasting paper