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Title: Dunne, William to Curtis, John, 1851
CollectionHistorical Society of Pennsylvania Letters
SenderDunne, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationoffice employee
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelfast, Northern Ireland
DestinationPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
RecipientCurtis, John
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
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Word Count712
Genrefamily, emigration, religion, politics, correspondence, starvation
TranscriptBelfast Ireland April 2nd 1851 AD

My Dear Cousin John.

I write to you this letter hoping that it will find you and my aunt uncle and the rest of my cousins in good health as this leaves my father mother brother and sisters and my self in the same thank god it is a very long time since we heard any word from you now or any of my aunts my da has been very uneasy this long time on account of you not writing to him I now write you this hoping you will get it be shure and answer it by the next may my Brother John is working with the horses the same as my da he is living at a place called Carrickfeigus with a gentleman he is quite well I am in an office in town I would like to go out to the land of Liberty where you now are and I hope with the help of god I will soon be there my dear Cousin as I never had the pleasure of seeing you or my aunt or cousins I still have the same feeling for yous and all of yous as if you and I had spent our childhood together when I look over at my aunts dear letters it reminds me of when you were all at home we never get any letters from that part now my cousin Hanna never wrote to my da since she went out to youss he expected you would have wrote let who like not write Dear cousin there is great changes in Ireland a present and in England on a account of our religion the Pope sent a Cardinal to England and one to Ireland the government is striving to put down or religion but it is to strong to be touched the cannot do us any harm and the are going to put penal laws on our Bishops and fine them for everything they call themselves by the name of Bishop in L 100 the also want to break the emancipation that was so long struggled for but it is past there power to do so; the great and the small are rising out against the prime minister Lord John Russel and they are burning his Effigy they mean to gain their liberty with without his leave there is no such work in America –there was a synod in munster last year and all the Bishops of Ireland attended it was held in Thurles three weekes the marched in publick procession through the streets to the cathedral My dear Cousin I would with when you get this letter you would write an answer and let us know how yous all are and how all my aunts and my uncle Timothy is and if the be all living and well I hope the are with the help of god my da send you letters by several persons that was going out toe philedelphia but we never received any answer whithe
the found you or not and he send one to my uncle timothy with A man named Mr Moore he sent word back that he heard of him but he was removed from where he used to live we get no word from this long time we do not know what found him our or not Dear Cousin this poor Island is in poverty there is nothing going to keep it up only hunger and hardship which with everyone [] you might come over again summer and see the exibition that is going to be in London for all nations if I thought you would come over with the rest of your fellow country men I would gladly go and meet you My Dear Cousin when you do get this do not delay but write as soon as this comes to hand I now conclude with my father mother Brother and sisters and my self joining in one and sending yous all our kind Love and Blessings may the Blessings of god desend upon you and all my aunts uncles and Cousins,1295400495300

No more from your ever dear Cousin
Mr Dunne junior till death-

You can direct your letters William Dunne. 35. Friendly Street Belfast