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Title: Coogan, Matthew Jr to Coogan, James, 1878
CollectionCarlow-Coogan Letters
SenderCoogan, Matthew Jr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbuilder
Sender Religionunknown
OriginHarlem, NYC, USA
DestinationLincoln, Illinois, USA
RecipientCoogan, James
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count545
Genrefamily news, invitation to visit, wedding, birth, decease
TranscriptNew York
Wednesday Eve., May [1878]

Dear James,

I am so surprised at receiving a letter from you. I am quite unable to answer. You must not regard this as an answer to it in the real sense but as a mere business correspondence.
But however, I hope it will find you and family enjoying good health as we are all in N.Y. at present. But my mother has been ill all winter but has now pretty well recovered and is able to be around again. I was at a christening at Patt’s house on last Sunday evening with her and spent quite a pleasant evening. Hugh & Denis & William are living with my mother at 186 E. 109th St. and are very comfortable. They own a fine house that I made the price of and built for them, which I'll explain to you in the near future.

My business I suppose you are aware is that of a builder. I was very successful some years ago . . . made money at the time . . . the financial crisis of the last few years weighs heavily on men in my business. I lost in one year by shrinkage in real estate over 12,000 dollars but I don't much mind it now. I recuperate very quick. I am pretty busy at present and in a few years will be please God on top of the heap again. I'd offer to go see you but I never could spare the time but. . . . I'd like to see you and your family. Come to this city with the boy. It would take but a few days. We would be overjoyed to see you and will have a good time. I am married to a young woman, a native of Ulster. The most wholesome woman alive. I have one child . . . months old and I buried one at 1 year 11 months. Patt has children. He’s married to James T. Shean’s daughter from Ward’s Island. Hugh keeps a liquor store and is doing very well. Business is picking up in New York, but it has been pretty . . . lately. Let me know how you are getting along. Also when the boy starts for NY. I cannot say anything in this hurried note as it is now 11 o'clock and it’s getting [dark?]. When he comes to Jersey City, take the Courtland Street ferry and come to 3rd Avenue cars to 118th St. and he'll find me at no. 2288 1st Avenue near 118th St.

Your Loving Brother, Matt

Dear Brother,

I have received your welcome letter just this moment and you can see that I hasten to answer it and to you whom I must regard almost as a Resurrection and one whom I consistently loved. I am glad to expect to meet your stepson in New York to have an opportunity to express through him the unquenchable love I bear you through the lapse of years and my respect for his mother. I shall make his stay in this great city of New York as pleasant as possible. I am well acquainted with the Anchor Line of steamships and I think I could make his voyage somewhat pleasant also.