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Title: Kennedy, Valentine to Gibbs, Valentine, 1836
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderKennedy, Valentine
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSt George's, Bermuda
DestinationMiramichi, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientGibbs, Valentine
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count495
Genrevisiting Ireland, family complains he doesn't write, bad passage back to America
TranscriptMr Valentine Gibbs
Care of
Mr. James White
Chatham Street
New Brunswick
[Stamp:] Bermuda 1836
St George’s Bermuda, Decr 21 1835

My Dear Cousin,

You will no doubt be Surprised at hearing from me, from this place, but when I explain
to you how I chance to come here, your astonishment will be somewhat abated. I started the 11th of August last from Savannah in the State of Georgia in the American Ship Sarah and Arsilia for Liverpool for the purpose of visiting the land of my nativity & seeing my sisters ( as I am left destitute of real Brothers ) I arrived in Liverpool the 12th of Septr last and went from there over to Ireland and remaind only three or four weeks there. I saw my sisters and they are very well off. My sister Mary is married to a Mr Cormick above Callan three miles & my sister Margaret is married to a Mr Robert Grace of Ballymack. I saw your mother and sisters. Your mother is in very delicate health and is very much astonished at your seeming neglect in writing her and she did not think that her son Michl , by any means in this world would neglect or forget her so long, so you see the old Lady is very much upset at your inattention to her, as she says. Your sister Margaret says that she thought that she, that lived on one floor with you so long, could not be treated with such carelessness. So you see my dear Cousin That you have them all on your back, but they are little aware what a man has to encounter with, in the New World. Ellen and Margaret are conducting a little business in Walking Street and doing tolerably well. Now I must explain to you how I chance to come to this Island. I remd , only 3 or 4 weeks in Ireld , when I came back to Liverpool and came as Cabin Passenger in the ship I went over in for Liverpool. We started the 20th of Octr for New York and in consequence of Strong Westerly wind we could not put in there, tho’ we attempted it three weeks, which left us all in a very deplorable state, being without provisions and water. We were put on an allowance of a pint of Water and some little bisquit a day & in consequence of being in such a state, we had to run for this Island & were it not for that providence interfered we would not make this Island & if we were one day longer at sea would all be entirely starved & there were upers of two hundred
passengers aboard. I must conclude by wishing you, Michl your wife & family, the compliment of the approaching season. Please to write me immediately & direct me to Savannah, State of Georgia, N. America. I am your affectionate cousin

Valentine Kennedy