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Title: Gibbs, Margaret to Gibbs, Valentine, 1837
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderGibbs, Margaret
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKilkenny, Ireland
DestinationMiramichi, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientGibbs, Valentine
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count732
Genredecease, family
TranscriptTo the care of
Revd Mr Eagan Parish Priest
of Nelson
North America
By Private Ship
[Stamped:] Kilkenny Jul 1837 Paid at Kilkenny
[Stamped:] New York Aug II
27th June 1837

Dr Val
It is only now notwithstanding the aid of Religious consolation that our presence of
mind is returning. The shock which the Revd Mr Eagans Letter of the 15th May last, conveying
the truly sad tidings of Michl death caused us to give full vent to our afflicted feelings and to
indulge rather freely as reason might point out, we might farther prolong the gratification of
the craving sorrow of the Heart but for the consoling admonition the Revd Mr Eagans advice the
frequent contemplation of which ministered to our exhausted feelings it might also be painful
to mention that we also felt at the reflection of the painful separation you and he must have
felt and perhaps you may still dwell on but when we also reflect on the opportunity you may
have of the absolving balm which that Revd Gentleman is authorised and capable of pouring
into your mind and Heart it calms and tranquilizes our troubled minds when dwelling on the
painful subjects it may also console you to say that in all our Chapels We had the prayers of the
Congregation solicited in behalf of the repose of his Soul for which we had also the Holy
Sacrifice of the Mass’s of the week offered. It was only one month previous to arrival of this sad
document that our sister Nelly recd a Letter bringing the same melancholy and sad tidings of
her husbands Death which took place on the Coast of Africa so that we may truly say according
to the old saying that one sorrow never comes alone however resignation to the Holy Will of
God which He conveys thro his grace which we believe is one of his greatest Gifts that He
bountifully bestows. She has sustained a very great Temporal loss as he allowed her £2~7~6 per
Month but that she is to receive the amount of his effects & Credits whatever it may be and of
which as yet as the vessel to which he belonged has not returned she cannot know or calculate
on. The circumstance of his not having the opportunity of receiving the last rites of his Religion
at his departure must convey the greatest of all sorrow. He has left with Nelly two children,
John and Margaret to deplore his loss.
Dr Val, the recollection of your affliction at my departure from you, the sea of trouble you had
to encounter on receiving the news of my Brother Michl Death and the conception of the
tedious painful and dangerous journey you had to perform to arrive to my brothers remains
and the loss’s you had to sustain has been acutely felt by my Heart which has been and ever will
be notwithstanding the distance of separation center’d in you
Our dear Mother still exists and in tolerable good health also your Brothers Wm Thos & John
whom’s still wedded to his old habits. Also your sisters Mary & Nelly whom is all in tolerable
good heath.
Our winter last post was a very severe cold and very sickly Provisions & Firing scarce & lean.
Many deaths had taken place and among them was that of [Teresa] Sanders the last of her
family which happened on the 3d of May last. I entertained great fears for you at seeing the
letter not pen’d by your hand or stile of writing first fearing that Death or indisposition might be
the cause but soon was happily relieved by its relation.
We all desire earnestly to be remember’d to yourself Companion & Children Mary, Bridget, &
Wm whom I hope have the opportunity of going and diligently attending to their studies at
school. Your care and attention to your Brother has merited the good Will and wishes of our
Parish Priest and of all the Parishoners who has read and heard read the Revd Mr Eagans Letter.
Now having little space I must conclude with Joining Mother, Brother & Sisters Relations
Friends & Neighbours, in love greeting to you and that early after receipt of this, and often
after, write to stating particulars according to your promise to me. Dr Val.

Your sincerely loving sister
Margt Gibbs