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Title: Hughes, Thomas to Hughes, Laurence, 1837
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderHughes, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNewry, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
DestinationFredericton, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientHughes, Laurence
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count799
Genreadvice on where to settle and do business, family
TranscriptMr. Lawrence Hughes
New Brunswick
Newry 24th Jany 1837

Dear Lawrence

I duly received your very satisfactory and agreeable letter which has made my happy to
find that you are all so well in health and in circumstances My Father and all friends in Ireland are well thank God but we have all to struggle hard against difficult times and opposition in trade I have not seen nor heard from your Fatherinlaw since some [damage] [time] after my Father’s return to Ireland Mr Gormly and family were then well he was right when he told you that the farmers had enough to do to pay the rent I think he finds it so himself and in the event of your returning to Ireland I think if he would pay your passage you might chearfully say Keep your land however my advice to you is to depend solely on your own exertions and further to loose no time in proceeding to
------[material missing]-------------best towns for

[(along side of page); Reason to think that poor Peter is dead these 3 or 4 years past married
and had two or three children]
success when it cost you ₤14 or₤15 to send my Father home surely it would take three times that sum to bring you and your family and after that you might be 2 or 3 months before you could get settled therefore I consider Boston the ground for you I’m sure if you can get any little shop or store in a populous district you would do well for my Father says Mrs. Hughes is
uncommonly industrious but in any dealing you commence Keep Clear of Whiskey if you can
and be sure to give no credit say you can’t afford to do so Boston is a fine healthy City I wish
you were there. – I’m happy to hear of Mary’s good success I don’t want her child I have
already 4 fine children 2 [sons and 2 daug] and perhaps in a fair way of having another We
calculate on having one every 13 or 14 months that’s not bad trade thank God
I am delighted to find that Edward is well I hope he has made a good change Patrick is
not fit to rise in the world I wish he was with Edward God grant he may become a good
Christian at all events I’m happy that I succeeded in rousing the manly blood of Edward may
God prosper him Well now I’m glad that John is single perhaps there is luck in store for him if Mick were a
stout healthy

-------------------[material missing]---------------------

[(along side of page)in Boston you might sometime or other send American produce to
….of I could send you Irish produce in return we can speak of this again]
and to obtain a blessing for himself both here & hereafter if this be a hard task let him stay
where he is he must rise at 7 in the morning and attend to business up to 11 oC at night he
must be chearful humble pleasant and agreeable – he must besides at every opportunity
endeavour to improve himself If all this meets his approbation let him come to Newry next May or June if possible and if he can bring a few pounds with him say from five to ten all he can muster I can make better terms with Michl for him No matter if he be not too well dressed clothes are [damage] here than in America When he comes [damage] let him enquire the way to Ballyt [damage] [damage] enquire for Mick Hughes he will find [damage] him snug & comfortable and getting rich – but indeed he is not long recovered from a very severe fit of sickness he is now quite well Now before you go to Boston enquire of every respectable person that knows you if they can give you a line or two of recommendations to any person they may be acquainted with [damage]…the Catholic Priest of Fredericton

-------------------[material missing]---------------------

[(along side of page)...less & prosper you Mrs. [damage]..ily and may you rise in wealth
…ctability health and [damage]…the fervent wish of your affectionate b[damage]…Thos Hughes]
It is only natural to expect you would prefer living in Ireland after all if you can Muster
from ₤50 to ₤100 after paying all expenses home you might leave Mrs H & Children at her Fathers for a few days I would go with you and take a house for you in Belfast which is almost equal to Boston & perhaps superior [marked out] with the above sum you could make a very respectable commencement in the provision business consisting of Bread Butter Cheese eggs
-------------------[material missing]---------------------

Mr. Lawerence Hughes
New Brunswick