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Title: Browne, John to Studdart, Michael, 1843
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderBrowne, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationshop keeper
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBathurst, N.Brunswick, Canada
DestinationRehy Park, Co.Clare, Ireland
RecipientStuddart, Michael
Recipient Gendermale
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Word Count1474
Genrelocal economy, politics, friends, law for trading in ports, newspapers, weather, greetings
TranscriptBathurst, New Brunswick 23d July 1843

Dear Michael

I received Your letter of 30th July 1842 on the 6th October ensuing, and am exceedingly happy to hear of your recovery from the accident that happened on the 13th April 41, there is no happiness in this World Without its Share of evil, in my last letter to you I stated the times here as being bad, but Since then there has been no improvement only getting Worse every day, Were it not how every person–Rich & poor–Exerted themselves in the planting Season last, which is Very Short, one half Would actually Starve, there were abundant crops of Wheat, oats, Rie, Barley, potatoes and Vegetables of all description, So that the poor are far better off at this present time, than at the Same time last year, in regard of provisions, as above Stated, but the other necessities required are limited, with the exception of pork and fish, as every house holder raised one or two hogs and the Bay is Stocked With fish Such as your [neighbourhood but] more abundant, Trade of every description disappeared altogether, from the Merchant Establishment, to the lumberers camp, nothing doing, in former years in this little place at this season, a person could Scarcely Get into a Store to transact a little business, [with] horses, Sleds & men from the lumber mens Camps coming for Supplies, but now there is no Such bustle at all, only two or three little parties lumbering, there you have a full review of the present State [of] trade at Bathurst, There is not a man of my trade Clearing his Victuals at this time here, I have not Wrought one day Since last September to any advantage there is none to be done, and Diet or Boarding as[ ] it here is 5/- p week, facing to any other quarter it is equally the Same, the accts from Quebec and West Canada (or Upper) are deplorable, from Halifax City St. John N.B., and the States are the Same [no] a man is better among neighbors than Strangers untill trade [resume], and I am fearful it will never be here as it formerly was, or any [where] for the future, at this side the Atlantic, the only resorce is to commence farming and live by it, for any that have families to Support, and even So what will a man do Without friends. I am rather too old to adopt this mode for a livelihood, and must trust to providence and await the Results, untill now I was always above want and Still if I got What is due to me I would not care much for a time. ––
Our province chest is exhausted and only £23.400 in debt. How to Raise [the monies] the Government is at a loss (I mean our local) Our Governor Sir William, McBean, George, Colebrook, proposed very injudicious Measures, in the oppinion of a majority of the assembley last Session, and also of the province at large, that is to impose a duty on imports and exports, to taxe every County or locality for any Works required to be done Without any aid from the treasury, his Bill was rejected by a large majority, he disolved the House of Assembly last month, and of course there was a general election which terminated in the Return of members principally opposed to his Measures, Some of the Counties were warmly contested, Some members protesting, Some demanding scrutinies, and more proud of their Victories over the members of the old School, We returned our old friend William End, he represents this County (Gloucester) these Eleven years, altho he now resides at St. John, the Irish interest mostly in every County in the province is Considered the mean Stay in Securing a Seat for one member, if they all pull together which the[y] Generally do, in this County the Irish Catholics and the french interests is one and they return any two members the[y] wish, so we always Secure for the Limerick lad his Seat, he is well worth the Honor, he is admitted to be one of the best Lawyers, and one of the best orators in the province, and a Staunch friend to his Country men, I wrote Mr. Hugh O’Keefe without exaggeration, as you mentioned, [in] regards the State of his Brother, and friends, So far as my Knowledge of the State of their affairs, and leave him to form his Judgement and act according, I always found Hugh Very Kind and would feel a pleasure to Serve him as far as my humble Services could afford. Sorry to hear of poor Con Galvens low circumstances and I suppose Matthias [Suton] is not as well As I would wish him, I see Michael Haugh is getting ahead in Limerick he bid freely for the Quay Customs, provisions were never known to be So cheap as at present [ ] the principal Sea port towns, in the colonies, at the Same time poor persons in a State of Starvation, it Shows there is no demand for mens labor – perhaps as the murderous Wars in the east is terminated, the times would mend Such awful Havock as the Gales in the months of Septr Octr Novr & Decr have done, was never Kown on American Shores, both North,& South, every paper full of accounts of Ship Wrecks, with loss of lives &c &c. I will Send you a few news papers for perusal. We only get European news once a month this Season, twice in the Spring & Summer the packet is expected to arrive this week and we will have the news next week Since the adjustment of the Boundary Question with the States, there are preparations on a large Scale making by both parties to carry on Lumbering and erect Saw mills on the St. John River and on its Tributaries, as both Sides have equal right to the waters thereof, and are only Waiting the results of the British markets, Should they improve, nothing is more likely to promote and improve the State of the province, Saint John City will be the Shipping Port for the whole timber made by both parties, it is much wanted there, the Corporation funds are insolvent, and the principal Merchants are Bankrupts, the Bankrupt Law is only Six months established By Law here, and there is a ladder Division [Put] in the Royal Gazette of all whom have taken the benefits of it, they were once the Wealthier part of the Community.
You would Scarcely Credit that this day there is dust flying off the Streets, not a particle of snow in them, which have not been the case within the memory of the oldest inhabitant, I was told about ten days past that a farmer ploughed a part of a field about three miles from Town, the Snow in the woods only average [one] foot, it’s owing to heavy rains and a warm sun, about three weeks [ago] prior to the rain, the Snow to the Southward [averaged] on level [ground] from Seven to Eight feet, the mails could not then be conveyed in due time to & from Halifax, or any part of the route, it will ruin the roots of the grass, and also the Winter grain, as the farmers tried this mode last fall of planting Wheat & Rie, Still to guard against Distress next year, it has been Successful in other parts but this is the first trial of it [h ere] owing to the great Thaw and the frost Setting in without any snow, it is thought it will be a failure– As I have nothing to do you See I have Written you a long Stick, and hope it is not [your] case, that you have plenty Business and a good remuneration for your exertion, you will please give my Best Respects as usual to your Brothers and families Mrs Lillies and family, Mr. Sexton Mr Gormely if you Should See any of them and M Cusack and [all] acquaintances that might inquire for me I would like if possible [ ] Thomas Lilles’s address So as I would write him, – Write me when time permits you Stating fully as you always do the General State and the prospects of my native Land &c.
I Conclude with my Best Respects may God prosper you and Remain Sincerely Yours &C

John Browne