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Title: John Clarke, [Stonepark, Co. Fermanagh?] to "Dear John".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileClarke, John/43
SenderClarke, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer (tenant)
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Fermanagh, N.Ireland
RecipientClarke, Edward
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT3661/3/B: Deposited by D. R. English.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9105005
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Doc. TypeLET
LogDocument added by JM 26:11:1993
Word Count683
Transcriptthe 26/75 [26th 1875?]
Stone Parke [Stonepark?] jenuary [January?]

in reply to yours of 2
Dear John.
I Recivd [Received?] yours
I was over-goid [over-joyed?] to hear from
yous [you?] all to Be well and in
good helth [health?] as this Laves [Leaves?] us all
in at present thankes [thanks?] Be to
god for all his mercy to us
all i am very glad that yous [you?]
ar [are?] so well manrd [mannered?] as to write
to me I Cannot express the
the [sic] goy [joy?] that I had to get your
Letor [Letter?]. I got his that gave me
word of the Dath [Death?] of your Dear
father may the lord wrest [rest?] his
Sole [Soul?] in pace [peace?] we are all geting [getting?]
along very well we could
Doo [Do?] very well if it was not
for the falour [failure?] of the potato Crop
But that Bates [Beats?] us very much
there is very good times hear [here?]
Every Thing the farmer has to
sell is a fine prise [price?]

Dear John ther [there?] three
is three [sic] of my Children in
America their [they're?] in wiliamsbura [Williamsburg?]
Patt and francis and An [Ann?]is mared [married?]
and Patt ons [owns?] two houses there
he was mared [married?] and his wife dyed [died?]
in Spring Last francis is
Driving a raleway care [railway car?] the run
he has to is fives [five?] miles out of
new yorke [New York?] he has 15 Dolers [Dollars?] per
weeke [week?] I have to [two?] Boys at home
James and John and three girls
Elisa Elen [Ellen?] and Catren [Catherine?] and
Luke is in Constabulary
he is well of [off?] he has fifty two
pounds per annum and all
his Clothen [Clothing?] he is a fine Big Boy
and he is a goo Choler [good Scholar?] games [James?]
is a yoth [youth?] Boy John is not
full grone [grown?] he is only 15 years
of age he is at Chool [school?] yet
Cate [Catherine?] is [ther?] thirteen years old


Dear John I will give you
the rate of the Stocke [stock?] pris [prices?] of Cows
is from ten to twenty pounds
Each horses is a working stock
of them is the same rate in
prise [price?] porke [pork?] is to [two?] pounds 15 shillings
per hundred Beef on [one?] Shilling
per pound merica [America?] Bakon [bacon?]
8 pence per pound Butter
one shilling and three pence
per pound mutten [mutton?] 10 pence
per pound Enda mail [Indian meal?] is 11 s
per hunde [hundredweight?] and it is Chife [chief?]
sucort [support?] of the pople [people?] the half of
the time. I do not know what
the pople [people?] would Do if it was not
for it the merica [American?] bacon is more
yoused [used?] than our one we had
a very wet harvest and winte [winter?]
up to this time as we had in
a long time Dear John I hope
that you will write me along [a long?]
Leter [letter?] and Let me know
how yous [you?] are doing

Dear John Let me know
if yous [you?] got the hous [house?] Don [done?] of how
yous [you?] do for fuel or is there any
Coale [coal?] in that place or how
much yous [you?] have in Labour
how much StoCke [stock?] yous [you?] have
or what yous [you?] make your mony [money?]
or do yous [you?] feed much swine
I wrote to yous [you?] a long Letor [letter?]
in may Last But I must think
that you Did not get it Deer [Dear?]
Children I am getting very old
I am 75 years of age But I Still
get good helth [health?] it grives [grieves?] me
that poor Edward was so unfortue [unfortunate?]
Let me know if yous [you?] now [know?]
any thing [anything?] of unkels [uncles?] Petor [Peter?] suns [sons?]
adress [address?] Deer [Dear?] Children I hope
that yous [you?] will Excuse Bad
writing and Bad [Sefily?] [spelling?]
when you write to John Clark, of
Sone parke [Stonepark?] that is the name
the Land I live in So nomore [no more?] at
present god Bless yous [you?] all geed

By [Goodbye?] John Clarke