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Title: Kent, Daniel to Kent, William and Ann, 1794
CollectionIrish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan. Letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary America (1675-1815) [K.A. Miller et al.]
SenderKent, Daniel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationtenant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginEast Bradford Township, Chester Co., Penn, USA
DestinationLimerick, Ireland
RecipientKent, William and Ann
Recipient Gendermale-female
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Word Count636
Genrelatest events
TranscriptDaniel Kent, East Bradford Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, to William and Ann Kent, and to Thomas Quin, St. John’s Gate, Limerick, 21 December 1794
East Bradfd 21st of 12 Mo 1794
Dr Parents
I once more address you with that Duty & Respect which is ever due from Children to Parents Ardently desiring these may find you in a state of good Health of which we have no great cause to Complain the Last letter we Recd from you was dated the Last day of the year 1792 which gave us much Satisfaction to hear that you Enjoyed a midling state of Health as you are now pretty well advanced in years according to the Course of Nature you cannot expect that the Strenght and Vigour of youth Will follow you, it flies from you as fast as you Advance in years & we all should look upon every Indisposition as a Prelude to that which will take us from works to Rewards & as Amerciful call from our maker to prepare for our latter end, It is with sorrow Iheard of the Death of my Grandmother & Cousin Worrell the Latter Especially as her loss will be more felt in her young family but we must Learn to be Content with the will of Providence who IBelieve orders all things for the better If we will best take them so Since our last Letter to you we have been Blest with another Son whom we have Call<ed> Joseph after his grandfather Hawley he is now near six months old and is Alusty Boy William is growing a fine Boy he is near years & five months Old
Now as to my own circumstances After Imarried Iworked my Fatherinlaw’s farm for 2 years but finding Icould not make out much I Rented a farm about miles distant from his I Bought Stock And farming utensils & went in debt for most of them I pay 30£Pr year Rent we make Butter & Cheese which we take to market to Philadelphia With Veal, Pork, Mutton & Whatever else we can Spare all which has Sold well these 2 yrs past the manner of our going to market here is thus We Carry our Load on horseback and set off about Sunset We Ride nearly all night (the weather being to<o> hot to go in the Daytime) and so gets to the City against Morning sells our Marketing Early & Comes home the next Day We are about 25 Miles distant from market, We have now got Apretty Good Stock Eight Cattle four Horses a score Sheep Pigs &c. All which we got by our own Industry So that I think your Prayrs for the Blessing of God on our Undertakings is heard far more than we Deserve or Can expect.-I am Glad to hear my Brothers & Sisters is Like to do well IConfess Iam some times desirous to have some of the family Here and Almost tempted to give Some of my Brothers some encouragement to Come over the family is Large and Ithink you might Spare One for Company for me Shoemaking is Good business here Iwould be glad to hear Particularly from my Uncle Rich d & Brother George & desires to Send my Kind Love to them–
And Conclude with great Affection your Dutifull Children
Danl & Esther Kent
To Brother Quin
In Compliance to thy request Imay Inform thee that Nailing is Good Business here there being a great Demand for Large Nails such as is used in Covering houses we call them Shingle Nails theyare some thing Larger than a twelvepenny Nail If you Can Come so as to Set up for yourselves it may answer very well My Kind love to you Both & am your Affectionate
Brother Daniel Kent