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Title: Wright, Joseph to Wright, Martha, 1817
CollectionIrish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan. Letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary America (1675-1815) [K.A. Miller et al.]
SenderWright, Joseph
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer, planter
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelmont, Belmont Co., Ohio, USA
DestinationDublin, Ireland
RecipientWright, Martha
Recipient Genderfemale
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Word Count1145
Genrefamily events, farming
TranscriptJoseph Wright, Belmont, Belmont County, Ohio, to Martha Wright, Dublin, 27 June 1817
Belmont in Belmont County this 6mo 27th 1817
My Dear Sister
Martha Wright
Thy welcome letter of 4mo 1815 I received and ought have answered it sooner but hope to make amends in future by writing more frequent— Thou mentioned that Brother W m had wrote me previous to thyne letting me know of my Dear Parents removal, it never came to hand, the news of our much honour’d Fathers decease was very unpleasant to me, but the almighty’s will must be submited to, my Dear Mothers death I heard of through my Son James— I am much pleased my Dear Sister that thou has been so particular in Stating how our Relatives were— I am sorry my Sister watson has been so afflicted with the Rheumatism but hope she is now much better, and very Glad to hear that Brother Wm Knott & Sister with the family are so well. I am sorry to hear of the Death of uncle & aunt Smithson, also uncle Josh Cousin Peter Doyle & his Sister Martha— I wrote aletter last <... >mo to my Brother Nehemiah respecting what thou said was in Sister watsons hands by my Dr Fathers will for me— I therein requested he would forward me a Bill on Baltimore for abt 45£ Irish— and the Ballance to send me in Sundry articles of which I sent him a memorandum— in case my letter to Brother Nehemiah has not got to hand and that this does, he will please to send, a Bank post Bill or order in favour of Jno Hayes Mert Baltimore and enclose one half of it in a letter to Jno Hayes Mert Gough St near Bond Street Baltimore— and the other half under cover to Isaac Procter Mertcht Baltimore, for the whole amount Coming and not mind sending any goods— and write to Jno Hayes letting him know its for my acct and also to write to me under cover to Jno Hayes who will forward it me. I have an engagement to meet in 11mo for which I shall want some of it very much— my Son Jno now lives in Pitsburgh abt 80 miles from this he is married & his wife was here to see us abt 3 weeks ago, I went home with her when she was returning & Saw Jno who I did not see for near 3 years, he is well and keeps Store there & is doing well in that line, he married out & dont attend meeting, however there is no friends meeting in Pitsburgh James I have not seen for more than five years when I last saw him it was in Baltimore he has been mostly at Sea & trading to the W India Islands & is now Settled in the Island of Cuba at St. Jago where he is in partnership with a young Spaniard in the Commission buisiness & does a great dale for merchants in Baltimore & New york, in Selling Cargoes & making returns in goods abt 5 weeks ago a Captain Darrell who sails from Baltimore was out in this western Country & by James’s Directions calld to See us he saw James in 4mo last when he was loaded by him, he says he had one order from a House in N York to purchase Hogsheads of Sugar & that he is making money fast & that he says he will not Stay there long, he is not married— on my way to Pittsburgh & from it I calld at Nehemiahas he and his family well. I expect him & abiggil his wife & their two children a boy & Girl to see us in afew days he told me he wrote to Thee— my Son Benjamin is apprentice to him, he has some thought of Selling his property where he lives & coming to live here in this Town— I wish Brother Willm was here & Samuel, its a fine place for a Farmer & Store keeper in afew years aperson would make a Fortune— I have Laid off a Town thro’ my land Named Belmont and has sold Several Lots Each Lot Contains abt 28 Rods Engs Measure the<y> Sell at from 40 to 100 Dollars Lot & I expect the Town will thrive— I first Sold them at 12 dollars Back Lots & 20 for front Lotts, we petition’d Congress for a post office & expect to have one here in 2 or 3 month as the Establishment is granted— we have some good brick Houses erected and a Clever Brick meeting House for Friends several buildings are going on and I expect we will have a handsome Town here, its in a most excellent Settlement mostly Virginians but some from most parts of the world, they mostly profess with Friends & Methodists— the alterati<o>n here since my Settling in the woods is truly astonishing in the Township in which I Live (Goshen) when I came there was only one Cabbin—& there is now as many as 150 families living in it— a Township Contains 6miles Square— I think if my Dr Sister was here she wd be more at home than she imagines, altho I have never encouraged any of my Relations to come to this Country I must still confess I often wish to see many of them here believing it w d be for their advantage and their childrens and altho I know I am much preposessed in favour of my Native land I must give this Country the preference in many respects— there is afield here for speculation in so many ways that a man with a little money may advance himself much easier than in Ireland with the same means— and people are more on a level, their money not being so much looked at, as the manner they conduct themselves in on himself as good as a man with Thousands— I read in the news paper afew days ago a man with 100 Dollars looks of a vessell Coming to Philadelphia from Holland with about 2000 people coming from thence, all friends, and that a vessel had saild from Antwerp with 300 Friends— The Emigration to this western Country is immense both from Europe & from the old Settled States in this Country— in the Course of 2weeks back we have had in this Town as many as 60 children innoculated with the Kine pock four of mine were in the number the Small pox has been very little in this neighborhood since I came here my wife & abigail & the children unite with me in Dear love tothee all my Brothers & Sisters as if particularly named and Relations and believe me thy truly affectionate Brother
Josh Wright