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Title: Stewart, Rosanna to justices at court, 1772
CollectionIrish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan. Letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary America (1675-1815) [K.A. Miller et al.]
SenderStewart, Rosanna
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationservant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginChester Co., Penn, USA
DestinationChester Co., Penn, USA
Recipientjustices at court
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipnot acquainted
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Partial Date
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Word Count368
TranscriptRosanna Stewart, 31 August 1772
To the Worshippful the Magistrates Assembled at Chester this 31st of August 1772
The humble petition of Rosanna Stuart Humbly Sheweth
That your petitioner was brought up to these parts by A Certain James Rea who bought her in Philadelphia & brought her to Campbells tavern in Little Britain, &he kept me there from the Second of November till the first of January Dureing which time Your petr had no bed to lie on & likewise the Victuals I got was very bad so that I could not live on it. Afterward the Sd James Rea Sold me to one of <the> people Call’d Quakers with whom Istaid from about Christmas untill May, when one of my legs broke out in Several places by reason of the usage Ireceived, for which My Master would not keep me but returned me back to the Sd James Rea, who went up to Philadelphia to return me back to the Merchants he bought me of, but they Refusing to take me from him, on this Account as they Suspected of the bad usage I had reiceved which was the reason of My leg breaking out, he sold me to Doctor Whitesides, and the Doctor promised to Cure my leg, after Some Considerable time the Sd Doctor Whiteside Sold me to mr David Dunkin for A Sound Woman, when at the Same time my leg was only Skinned over for the pain was never taken out.
In respect of My running away from Doctor Whitesides for which I am to be judged, the hardships I Suffered was So great, that I was not able to bear up under it, for the Winter before Iran away I had no bed for ten or Eleven weeks but the Cold Earth to lie on, & my Victuals & Cloathing was Agreeable to my bed, So that I was Apprehensive I Could not endure it Another Winter, And I hope that your Worships will take my Melloncholy Condition into Consideration, & grant your pet Such Relief in her Distress’d Circumstances as Your Worships in your Wisdom Shall see fit and you<r> petr as in Duty bound will ever Pray
Rosana Stewart