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Title: Crockett, Robert to Crockett, George Sr., 1825
CollectionIrish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan. Letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary America (1675-1815) [K.A. Miller et al.]
SenderCrockett, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginGallatin, Tennessee, USA
DestinationDrumnashear, Co. Donegal, Ireland
RecipientCrockett, George Sr.
Recipient Gendermale
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Word Count477
Genrereligion in the colonies
TranscriptRobert Crockett, Gallatin, Tennessee, to George Crockett, Sr., Drumnashear, County Donegal, 23 December 1825
... you appear to be on the alarm about the Roman Catholicks of your Country I Should not wonder if they did not try to have their rights guaranteed to them as they have been deprived of <them> So long there must be Something Rotton in the State of affairs in that goverment that would oppress one party and favour another but the real fact is all parties is oppress d , when you are Compelled to pay twenty pounds in Tithes and Taxes for one year when the Sallary of the Royal family alone amounts to Some Millions of Money it is not Surprising that your Taxes would amount to twenty pounds I think Such an extravagant family Could be Very well dispenced with and even the Roman Catholicks that has to pay a full proportion of all goverment expences and yet not allowed the Same privileges of other Citizens it appears Cruel in the extreme, when all Men are of right equal or at least ought to be So for what reason would you deprive them of their rights<?> was it because their property was Confiscated in times of Old that you are affraid they would try to get back their Just dues— they are entitled to them and let them have them and there is no doubt in my mind but that class of People would make as loyal Subjects as any other, but then your Lords would <be> strip d of all they now possess and if their titles is not good and Just let them loose them for every person is entitled to their Just rights under every goverment whatever and why not in England that goverment that boasts so much of their liberty— They carried on a twenty years war against France to Suppress liberty and Established the Holy Alliance in full power in Europe, that Same Holy Alliance will ere long bind England in fetters if the United States do not lend them their aid, they had no more right to enter into that war with France than the Emperor of China has to wage war with the Creek Indians— you gained nothing by it and has increased your national debt beyond all possibility of ever being able to pay the Interest our Neighbours in South America has Established their independence and a Republican form of Goverment but they have an established Church which will terminate I am afraid in complete anarchy, for there is nothing so dangerous in a Government as an established Church our Goverment has given full proof on that Score we have no Established churches nor Popes nor Bishops nor Fryers nor even Rectors to pay Tythes for and yet there is more true Religion in this country than any other whatever....