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Title: Andrew Collin, New Orleans to His Parents [Ireland?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCollin, Andrew/29
SenderCollin, Andrew
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceT 2834/1/2: Deposited by Dr M.McGeown.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9406166
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TranscriptNew Orleans Nov. 30th 53 [1853?]

Dear Parents I after a very quick passage sit down to write to you
knowing that will all be anxious to hear of our arrival well all
our party has arrived safe in the best of health thank God I wrote
several letters out of Liverpool but I had left my boarding house
ere I got an answer to any of them we lay out in the river 6 Days
and I wrote to you on the day we set sail that was on the 25th of
Octb.[October?] and we landed here to day which makes our passage in
5 weeks which I believe is one of the quickest has been made from
Liverpool to Orleans for the 1st week after we sat out it was very
rough and unpleasant weather and head windt [wind?] all the time on
the night before hallowene [Halloween?] the Ship rolled so bad that
the passengers cooking Stove was broke to pieces and then all hands
were living on dry victuals that is bread and water for 4 days.
They were then about to put into Cork harbour to get the stove
repaired but the wind turned in our favour and then we fixed it up
in a temporary manner to carry us across but as there was about 500
between passengers and crew that it was very difficult for every one
to get along comfortable Some parties paid very high to get cooking
done by the cabin cook. The cook and Stewart [Steward?] wanted to
hire me to assist at cooking but I did not wish to be bound to it
and so I offered my services on conditions that they would cook our
victuals free and that was agreed to so we had a very comfortable
time for the balance of our voyage we had a [serffia?][surfeit?] of
good victuals and we all enjoyed ourselves first we have had fair
winds for the last 4 weeks and very sickness and only one death and
that was an infant and we had 2 births on the voyage so we landed
more numerous than we Started which I am afraid will not be the case
with a great many ships that have came out lately from the accounts
I hear there was a ship landed hear [here?] called the blanche from
Liverpool some days ago which lossed [lost?] 27 passengers on the
trip the Gleimarma Sailed 5 days before us has not arrived here as
yet there is one thing I am certain of that if the Ship had put
into Cork 1 out of every 4 of the passengers would have made their
America in Ireland I think for life the yellow fever is altogether
abated in this city but the cholera is breaking out in it and I am
afraid will go ahead Pat [Patrick?] McAliece and wife and Mary
McAliece & Bridget are all going up to St Louis to morrow and I
intend going to Mobile to morrow for Francis Devlin William Mackle
and Samuel Wilson I cannot say exactly what they will do yet they
speak of coming on to Mobile but to advise them I would not like for
fear it might not turn out favourable there is plenty of work here
and wages tolerable good at present and I believe we are all as fit
to go to work this day as we were leaving home and in good health if
not better I have been through the city a good deal to day but I
seen no person I knew
no mon
Dear Parents I am happy to inform you that my health and strength
has both increased since I left Liverpool and I am not the least
discontented about the ramble I took only for one thing that is that
it seemed to go so hard again [against?] your will and the will of
my friends for me to leave home the second time but I believe I
could not have settled at home without seeing it out; turn out how
it may but with the help of God I will do my endeavour to make it
turn out as well as I possibly can and I hope none of you shall make
yourselves uneasy about me for if I had the choosing of my health I
could not wish it to be better than it is and I will strive and keep
it so. I hope all my friends are in as good health as when I left
them I send my love to Daniel. Rosey and Anna and Lewis and
likewise to my Uncle Felix Aunt Betty & family remember me to Hugh
McLinden and tell him I will write to him in 2 or 3 weeks when I got
settled I hope his mother has recovered her health again I will
conclude by wishing you all a happy christmas and I expect you to
have this for a christmas gift I remain your loving son to death
Andrew Collin I wish to inform you that we all landed in as good
friendship as we we met in at the Portadown Station and it was so
all the way which made everything go along sweetly and I think so
far as I see that all our party are well satisfied with each other
Direct your letter to Andrew Collin of Mobile State of Alabama
United States America
State your write immediately
Will write to John to St. Louis some of those days and I then can
get all the St Louis news