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Title: James [Collins?], Peterborough, [Ontario?] to his Mother.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCollins, James/15
SenderCollins, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOntario, Canada
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 2487/1/52: Copied by Permission of E. H. McIlwaine Esq, Farnham Road, Bangor, County Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007038
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Word Count770
TranscriptPeterboro [Peterborough?] Canada West

June 22nd 1863

My Dear Mother
I think a letter of yours
was lost with the vessel that was wrecked
two months ago, as all the mail on board
went down in the Anglo Saxon. The mail
and passengers were saved out of the
Norwegian; it is hoped they will get her off
as she is in a pretty snug birth [berth?] where she
is lying. If Margaret and you like you
can give the management of my affairs
into Robert's hands, so as to pay off Mary
her money, and some of the others if possible
they would never be paid off if left to
Harvey. I will spend as little as I possibly
can, I will be able to manage here on a
hundred a year. I hope all is going on
well at [Falmore?], Margaret should go there
and see how things are doing with the tenants
as Harvey doesn't care a damb [damn?] if he gets
the money. If left to himself he'd eject pretty
pretty often, besides he is getting a little
embarrised [embarrassed?] owing to his scamps of sons
getting into debt, I suppose gambling &c [etc?]
I always find when there is hawl on him
there is always a great scarcity of money
with me. when you write say how Robert
and Harvey got on with the accounts.
What on earth is Willy [William?] doing that he never
writes, or tells you to say a word for him
I think he'd like this country the climate
certainly is splendid, you have no idea
how delightful camping up the lakes
and gathering Huckleberries, and killing
a deer when we want one and fishing for
Bass, Mascilonge, Salmon trout &c [etc?]. The
beauty of it is, no one to say a word
to you for tresspassing on their grounds,
or no licence to pay, you feel so free,
then the mornings are so beautiful, and
mild, we always rise early here and breakfast
at seven o clock and sometimes at
six. There is plenty of milk, Poltry [poultry?], Pigs &c [etc?]
here, I send my Carte de Visites, but they
are abominable the fellow cant take them right.

I tried him twice so its no go. The young
ladies took them from me bad and all as they
were, I had the pleasure of taking Tea
with some young gentry girls a few evenings
since the gentry fashion is to visit the girls
and never bother with father, or mother, as
indeed you will never see them no matter
when you call, I went with a young fellow
a gentleman in the surveying department
called Allen McDougald a Scotch man a
very nice "chap", as the Cleland girls call the
boys. Remember me to James Greer and
the Vaughns &c [etc?]. James Greer would like
this country I'm sure Whiskey two shillings
per gallon, and pretty good, If you are writing
to Robert ask him if he knows of two
decent young men he could send out
here who would wish to emigrate as I
would like them at present to to a couple
of hundred acres to farm for themselves
I will give them a privelige [privilege?] of five years
tha [the?] land is certainly splendid If Margaret
puts my affairs into Roberts hands, let her
settle, what she is to give him for his trouble
yearly; as I'd like have a certain sum
fixed on so as to make no mistakes hereafter,
I pay Harvey five per cent I am
going up the lakes for a month to fish &c [etc?]
and look for land. The [They?] are busy with Electioneering
here now. We have plenty of Melons,
and Tomatoes here, the accacia grows in great
abundance also the Sumac. Vegetation here is
very rapid, you can almost fancy you see
plants growing, say where Uncle Jacobs widow
is in the States, and who her daughter married
as I know har [her?] family here who resided in
Albany and knows every one there, I asked
the lady if she knew a Mrs Hancock, but she
said the [there?] was no person of that name in
Albany. When you write again say when you
intend to go to reside Ireland and what particular
locality you intend to fix on. Tell Margaret
to make Harvey send me 25 pounds the first of August as I intend
to have that sum sent quarterly and no more as I am
anxious about my debts. Your Affectionate son James

Write soon and say how Dick Cleland is getting on
and how all is going at Ballow & Carlingford
Love to all.