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Title: David Cooke,[Co. Tyrone?] to Joseph Cooke, Pennsylvania
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCooke, David/170
SenderCooke, David (with note from Samuel, one of the Cooke brothe
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmentions lowering the prices of cloth rates
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationNew Alexandria, Pennsylvania, USA
RecipientCooke, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT3592/3: Deposited by Mrs Mary E. Cooke Bradley
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N.Ireland
Doc. No.302040
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Doc. TypeLTE
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Transcript49 Jos 30 William 22 David ? James 25

Escadoy [Eskeradooey?] April the 2nd 1829

Dear son and Daughter
I Once More take up my pen to Inform you Both that
We received your kind and welcome Letter the 12th of January
Instant Which gave us great pleasure to here [hear?] of your
prosperity in that Country and that providence still endows
you With health and strength and I hope that you have that
Peace of Concience [conscience?] that you will still be
found in your Duty To God Which is our Most reasonable
service we your Parents are still the spared monuments
of his mercy Both in health and strength thanking God
for all his Benevolent kindness shewed [shown?] unto us
Although Unworthy Servants which we must count our selves
at the Best This leaves us all in perfect health and
strength and in hopes that it will find you and your
family in the same Dear son Thanks be to Almighty God
we are able to inform you that your Mother has Come to
her former state of health And seems to Continue with
her it is her Earnest Prayer for you Both that you will
mind the one thing needful that is the salvation of your
souls since your mother has not the pleasure of giving
her Daughter a Verbal Account of her love she send (sic)
her Warmest Affection to Daughter and sons your brother
John has not changed his single Life as yet he is in good
health and sends his kindest Love to Sister and Brothers
Brother James and family is in good health and doing verry
[very?]Well they have two children the one named Margaret
and the other named David A Very fine and prosperous
Boy the [they?] send their kind love and respects to Sister
and Brothers Samuel is in good health and is at school and
Learning very well he thinks if he was once A little further
In learning his Desire Would be to see you he sends his
Warmest love to sister and Brothers and Desires to know
If you would think that Country suitable for him You
know if providence spares him health there is Enough for him
Here my Dear Children we have Every reason to thank the
kind giver for all the great and Bountiful Blessings he has
Bestowed on us for he has Blessed us Both in [health?] and More
so that we are Able to lift up our heads Above the most
of Our Neighbours And I hope that we will look higher than
Earthly things for what is all the World to the man that
not God for he is as a man Beholding his Natural face in a glass
Dear Son William it is your mother and fathers request that you

Will Look To Your self and think of your God And Take him

for your guide and protection and we also hope that you will
Be Counselled By Your Brother Also if you think that Country
Not suitable To your mind it would give your mother and
Father Great pleasure To see you here once more for it is
In my power To Give something handsome that now Could
Live Well upon so long as God would spare health and strength
Dear son Let my sister Sarah know that her Brother Joseph
And sister and family are all well and they send their kind Love
To her and you all And to all their friends in that Country
Also tell her that I would be desirous of A letter from her self
for it
Would give me great pleasure to read A few of her lines for I
something of A lovely or rather heavenly Desire in her last
We both send our kind love to her as that is all that is in Our
Power at Present And if we never more meet on Earth I hope
that we will all meet at Gods right hand where all pain and
sorrow is Done Away Dear son I hope you will Write at all
opportunities and let us know your particulars Also mention
respecting Mr Shaw's sons they were with us hearing your last
letter And I was sorrow [sorry?] to thing [think?] that the
[they?] were not mentioned in your letter for the [they?]
Always write respecting you in their letters
Dear son it is my request that William Will send me A letter of
Own hand Write [writing?] and I hope he will let me know the
particulars of His mind for I would wish to know how he is
Contented in that Country now My Dear son I come to let you
know the state of Our Country it is Very Difficult to make
up money at present My Cloth [rates?] Verry [very?] Low from
10d to 14d per yard and [Yarn?] 1s-8d to 2s-2d per spindle
[Victuline?] is Verry [very?] Cheap on [aos--?]
The [C----?] set the Corn Rates from 10d to 1d per stone and
if [---] [not?] for that our meal would be I suppose rated at
6 this [cwt?] The Corn is all Taken to England this Country is
in A Confused state at present on Account of the Romen [Roman?]
Bill or what we Call [Emancipation?] for the [they?] Want the
same privaleges [privileges?]of Protestant [people?] It
present to be Overturned Again Dear sons I have [Cost---] at
present to [sondite?] only. Your Aunts and Uncles [are?] All in
good health and your friends in general and they are [well?]
[pleased?] to hear of your prosperous state in that Country I
[ask?] no more But it is the prayer of your parents that you
Be still mind full of your Duty and if we never more meet on
Earth we hope that we will all meet At gods right hand where
Parting is no more Whilst we join in sending you all our
and Remain You Ever loving Parents To Death
David Cook

My dear brother I am going to write A few lines to inform
you [Brother?] of my proficiency I have got so far as to
understand Practises and intends to remain at school
to be able to do my business in Clarke [Clerk?] Ship i also
here [hear?] that John [W?] [Cown?] is coming home and i Sam
no more but remains your Ever loving brother
Samuel Coooke

The [bearer?] of this letter is Mr Robert Campbell who came home
see His fathers family it was he that informd [informed?] us of
[W?]Cown and Isacc [Isaac?] Cooks coming home he Also intends
[setting?] out for that Country the 10th of April 1829
David Cooke
Letters to J Cooke
April 2nd 1829

Address on Envelope:-
For Mr Joseph Cooke New
Alexandria Westmoreland County
State of Pensylvenia [Pennsylvania?]

Transcribed by Dympna Mc Geary