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Title: Wm. S. Crawford Co. Down to J. S. Crawford, New York.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCrawford, William S/216
SenderCrawford, William S. (Sherman)
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpolitician
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientCrawford, John S. (Sherman)
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 856/D/44: Sharman Crawford Papers Presented by Crawford &Lockhart, Solicitors.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9702145
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Liverpool packet

John S. Crawford Esq.
care of Messrs Sharman & Gillilan
Pearl Street
New York

p [per?] St. Andrew
Packet of 8th Jany 1836

Cburn [Crawfordsburn?]
December 31
My Dear John
I received your letter of the 22d of
November - and within the last few days I have
received and accepted your bill for œ50 -
Your two former letters also came to hand in one
[voice?] - and were answered - but from what
you state it seems doubtful whether you will receive
this or these first - I shall endeavour to forward them
in the manner you desire - several Newspapers have
been forwarded to you - containing accounts of the
dinners given to me &c - I forget whether any of
them had taken place before you went away - there
were first -Bangor- 2d Holywood - 3d Kircubbin - 4th
Castlebar in the County of Mayo - where I went with a
view of ascertaining the condition of the Peasantry -
and I am invited to a public dinner to be given to
me at Banbridge on the 14th of January next -
The prominent features at all these dinners have
been the weather and the Landlord and Tenant Act -
but they have not been destitute at the same time
of a strong expression of independent and liberal
principles - and all of them have been attended by
individuals formerly opposed to my views - and I understand
this will also be the case at Banbridge - It is very
desirable to observe this approach to better feelings among
the parties - and I have not failed to encourage it. -
a strong feeling is rising in the Province of Ulster
among the Presbyterian Body - of all Classes - in favour
of the voluntary principle with regard to Church
affairs - several able works have appeared - and
the Scotch are also taking up the matter with great
ardour: - but the most remarkable thing is that
it is emanating here from the Orthodox Party -
and from the Covenanters and Independents - Methodists
and all the sects of that Class: -certainly - I think
the flame has been chiefly kindled by my own
exertions last Session of Parliament - and since that by
my pamphlet to the Dundonald Electors: - O'Connell
still holds back on the Tithe question - not a word
from him on that subject - you know he wrote a
remarkable letter to me last year - This gave me a
privilege to address him now on the same subject -
I [immediately?] took advantage of it - and have
lately published one to him - calling on him for a
declaration to the people of Ireland of the course he
intends, or wishes them to [pursue?] - I apply some
extracts from his former letter - and show the variance
of Lord M's Bill with the principles which he advocates
and call upon him - as the Lords refused these modifications
to temporise with the subject no longer - and to give
no [support?] to any measure which he does not consider
final - this is the substance - the appeal is made with
respect and civility - but certainly the case is put very
strongly - and by implication rather conveys a charge of
inconsistency: - The letter has attracted public attention
more than anything I ever published: - and I think
it will by highly important in increasing my influence
in Ulster - because it will be clearly manifest that
I am not a joint of the Tail of the Great man - it is
now ten days since the letter was published - and not
one word of reply - There was a newspaper just into
the office containing the letter - (you do not say
whether we are to alter the place of sending the
Newspapers as well as the letters) - The Tories have
been victorious in a couple of County Elections in England
and were triumphing very much on this act [account?] - but
their spirits have been cast down by the result of the
Elections for municipal Corporate Officers in the Towns
of England - the Whigs and Radicals have in general
carried the Elections by vast majorities - The Ministry
are therefore safe enough for the present - although
their majority will probably be very small - because the
Tories could not do anything if they were in power
with such an opposition as they would have to contend
against - and to repeat again the trick of the last Session
would be a rather dangerous experiment - Peel certainly
will never try it again till he is sure of a powerful
support - and I think the day for that is now past -
or else very far distant in futurity if it ever arrives -
Parliament meets the 4th of February - by which time I
intend to be in London: - I think it probable your
Mother and the Girls will go about the same time
to Cheltenham - and remain for a while there - the
Crawfords of Cork are staying at Cheltenham - and they
will make it pleasant for our people - and then I
can sometimes go to them for a couple of days -
after some time they will probably move nearer London
- I suppose James will be sometimes with them
and sometimes here - of course Fredk [Frederick?] will be
pretty stationary - Charles I expect will be in London with me
attending a Law Office - and Arthur will be in Dublin
and the Boys at School - I shall go up to Dublin
on the 15th to attend a meeting of a new society
formed there for the promotion of the liberal registry
it is most extensive and influential and joined in by
the Leading Whigs - it is confined solely and exclusively
to the Registry - so I hope there is no danger of our splitting
upon Irish Politics - as all questions of this kind are to
be avoided except some leading Bond of Union, in which
all may concur. - We have had a very mild but
very wet winter - till within the last ten days - when
we have had some very dry weather - and a few days smart
frost - but this soon went off and has been succeeded
by mild, and reasonably dry weather - we have had
no snow at all - so I presume we shall have one
of our usual soft winters and cold Springs. - I am
happy to say - I think the feeling in favour of a modified
System of poor Laws is rapidly gaining ground - it
is warmly advocated by all the London papers - and
the evening just says it will be introduced - now the Evg
[Evening?] Post would hardly say so - unless it was acceptable
to Government - but still O-C [O'Connell?] is
silent also on that question but if public opinion
decides it - O-C [O'Connell?] must go with the current,
and lead it - I am happy to think I
have been an important means of promoting the support of
this question in Ulster - Not one word either from O C
[O'Connell?] about my Landlord and Tenant Bill -
however the people are taking it up warmly - and
I think he can not oppose me: - it is strange how he
seems to shun anything that I support: - how odd that
a man of his superior rank in intellectual argument
should appear to feel any Jealousy - of me who has no
pretensions or desire to enter into any competition with
him for public favour - you will make your observations
abt [about?] American Poor Laws - and how they work -
There is to be the Grand annual Tory dinner in Belfast
on the 15th of January - I am told it is to be attended
by a great number of Grand people - Emeran Tennent in the
Chair. - No answer (at least published) from Sir Robt.
[Robert?] Peel to the Derry invitation - It is generally
supposed he will not accept it - (He has refused it)
- January 4 -
I am sending this off in the manner
you desire -
Your Mother I believe has written two or three
letters - which I suppose you will have received
before this - but in case you do not
I shall mention that one of them
acquaints you of Mrs [Jeaves?] death
She went off after two or three
days sudden decline - no complaint
but just failure of nature
She has left some legacies but the great part
of her money to James Crawford
Ever Yours