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Title: George Cumming, New York, to Robert Simms, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCumming, George/59
SenderCumming, George
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew York, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientSimms, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.1815/17: Copied by Permission of Presbyterian Historical Society, Fisherwick Place, Belfast. #TYPE EMG George Cumming [Physician], New York, to Robert Simms, [General Merchant], Belfast. 18th January 1816.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8809116
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptNew York 18th Jany [January?] 1816
Dear Simms,
Your acceptable favor of last Sept. I received, and take this
opportunity of answering it. -
Your son Robert is well, and I believe doing well. It gives me
sincere satisfaction to hear, that, notwithstanding your former
embarrasments, means are opened to you of present and of future independence
Providence will much desert those that trust in Him who can raise and lower
for the wisest of purposes, and frequently afflicts to bless.-
You do not regret more than I do the unhappy divisions that have
torn and still divide the Irish Republicans here. I wou'd [would?]
have preferred Clinton for many reasons, but Federal Assistance, which
he received, shou'd [should?] have been [ ?] because it leads
to the degradation of the Irish Character - to the establishment of
Aristocracy, and finally to Clintonians with the exception of Emmet,
and a few others, and doubted by the Enrage Madisonians, because I
disapprove their violent denunciations. Indeed I had a difficult part
to act - recommended by both parties to office, not the appointment
was given by the Clintonians who I had opposed, and who then had a
Majority in the State, tho' [though?] not in the City - was I to turn
on my benefactors? that I cou'd [could?] not do - yet I did not
approve of the entire conduct of either, and hence, probably post both:-
be it so - 'tis better to have the satisfaction of doing right, than
servilely bend to either. The office I held for two years without
blame - affording only a temporary support, and was removed by the
Federalists. I do not think I shall ask any favor from any party here-
after. -
M. Monroe.
Mr. Monroe will probably be our next president - No
doubt he will be opposed - he is a good capable man, but
the overwhelming influence of [?] will occassion many
murmurings. Many are the difficulties a people labour under
to preserve their liberties, after they have been acquired:
Give my best regards to Tennant; I rejoice
in his prosperrity, particularly as he has used it to the noble
purpose of serving his friend. Poor Dickson - we used
our exertions to sell his books, I have written to him on the
Wilson was a long time here; and is now I believe
in Stockholm - he was connected with a Mr. Adamson
since dead, but did not succeed; he is still active and enter-
prizing - Joseph Cormick died several years ago in
Georgia - Sweeny is married in France - and Dowdall was
killed some years ago in Flanders before the wretched invasion
of Spain - 'tho' more wretched than Ferdinand has made this
devoted country, Lucifer himself cou'd [could?] not bring about
Adieu - write soon, and believe me to be,
in which Mrs Cuming cordially join
Yours truly
George Cuming
What Arthur O Connor was he,
that lately fell in a duel in Ireland?
Where is Roger O C?
Dear Robert/
I received your friendly
letter - and felt great pleasure in hearing of your
welfare. The English, I perceive, have resisted
my Land's Castlereagh's property war tax.- I hope
still that Europe will not crowd long under
its present degraded state - that something good
will arise notwithstanding the efforts of the Ferdinands
of the day - at least that England & wretched Ireland
may be politically bettered. - Since I last wrote I
have been appointed City Inspector with a Salary of
1250 Dollars yearly, this can only last whilst the
city remains Republican - Last Spring we succeeded,
but it may be that next year we will have