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Title: Thomas Davison, East Liberty, U.S.A., to Samuel Doak, Kinallen.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileDavidson, Thomas/147
SenderDavidson, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationschoolmaster? Clergyman?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginEast Liberty, USA
DestinationKinallen, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientDoak, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD.682/54: Presented by Mr P. Doake, "Glenlagan", Kinallen, Dromore, County Down, Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9602121
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Word Count828
TranscriptMr. Samuel Doak
Near Dromore
County Down

East Liberty July 30th 1840
Dear Cousin Samuel Doak
It is now Twenty two years since
I was employed in drilling you in the
old jail, at the foot of the Avenue, and I
can, at a leisure moment, run over in my
mind the occurrences of that time as if they
were yesterday; I recollect every thing even
to the little bay poney [pony?]: you were a pupil
I was always proud of; you made great
progress in my time, and always showed
a good disposition, except perhaps, once
when you took it into your head to be a
little contumaceous [contumacious?], and I like a true
pedagogue supported my authority by birching
you; which so operated on maternal affection
that I had lost my place in consequence
then of but for the sound sense & forbearance
of a very affectionate father, who reposed
confidence in me, that I would not, certainly
exceed prudent bounds in correcting any boy
much less the son of my patron & friend
My dear Samuel I laboured anxiously
for your good, and it gives me great pleasure
at this day to learn that you, with many
more of my pupils are clever & honorable
and useful men - my family are all
well & also my brother William's - having
a good opportunity I have written many letters
tho' [though?] I had nothing to communicate; they will
cost you nothing but the reading & will at
least convince you that I have you still
in my memory & rejoice in your prosperity
If your father is living, tell him I often think of
him, and very much wish him happiness until
his mortal course is ended, and devoutly pray
that he may be admitted to a glorious immortality
beyond the grave: and tell your mother I should
be very ungrateful if I did not remember her
kindness with gratitude: I hope she may see
many happy days on earth, if it is the will of
God, and be a blessing to her children, and
go down to the grave in peace like a shock
of corn fully ripe & her soul ascend to the
regions of peace and felicity: Write to me
frequently if you can make it convenient
tell me about your family & your sisters'
families, I should like to know if James B.
Gillman has got license to preach, and how
he is likely to get along in the ministerial course
As you are one of the pillars on which the
Presbyterian Church rests I suppose you
are made acquainted ere this time of the
explosion we have had in the same body here
After the excision of certain Synods & presbyterians
of the new School, at the next meeting of the General
Assembly in Philadelphia, a division took place
as a thing of course at the organization: those
who did not submit to the recinding Act being
present by their delegates & claiming their seat, and
those who adhered to the same act refusing them
Each division Claimed to be the General assembly
and organized and acted as such, so that
the Presbyterian Church had two bodies claiming
the same Authority over their seminaries,
missionary boards - And the matter got into our civil
courts by a quo warranto & a decision had by
or [order?] of the Supreme Judges holding a circuit court
in favour of the new school: the case was then
taken to the Supreme court in Bank and
decided by a majority of the Judges in favour
of the Old School or Calvanistic body who
adhere to the Standards in their litteral [literal?] and
generally received meaning: the matter has
remained quiet since, each Gen. [General?] assembly
operating in its own way apart from
the other, which I think is best, for how can
two walk together except they be agreed
there should be no jarring in the body of
Christ, we are erring mortals and it
becomes us to be humble and treat
those who differ with us with all
forbearance & christian charity
My dear Samuel I hope to hear
always that you are active in promoting
every good word and work, useful in your
day & generation, a blessing to your family
& friends, to the Church & to the World
When you arrive at my age or come to d [torn, die?]
you will not regret that you have been
too active in the Cause of God or done
more than you ought in your day &
generation to make the world better -
Pray for me always & I will do the
same for you, God is our only Stay in all
circumstances and conditions & his truth is
pledged never to leave nor forsake those who
put their trust in him; And so shall we
overcome every enemy, even the " Monster death"
and shout "victory All is well" God grant that
this may be so. Amen your loving Cousin
Thomas Davidson