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Title: Bryson and Robb Families, Dundonald and Ballysallagh, Co Down
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileDurham, James/20
SenderDurham, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationarmy officer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNorth America
Recipient Genderunknown
SourceT 1454/3/1-12: Copied By Permission of Dr J.C.Robb Esq, M.B.E. M.D. M.C.H., 21Cambourne Pk., Belfast. #TYPE EMG Frank Robb, Australia, Also Alexander Robb, Nicola Lake, British Columbia, to the Robb Family, Dundonald and Ballysallagh, 3rd November 1805 to
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8816085
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TranscriptThe Bearer Daniel Robb of Ballysallagh
in the Parish of Bangor in the County of Down
being a good and peacable [peaceable?] Subject, his family
and Property are to be Protected
Belfast 24 June 1798
To all whom } James Durham [Oal?]
it doth [or?] may } Commandant
Concern }

I find that my refusal to be on the Ticket last spring has Existed &
Considerable degree of Speculation among the [faction?], they Conceive
themselves Hon[oure?]d at last in some degrees justified in their
Prejudices by my refusal in as much as they Could then say there is not an
Irishman on the Ticket & as not one of the Uninformed knew anything of the
circumstance the thing Passed Current that none would be admited
[admitted?] on it Whiter [whether?] M McKay had heard of the Circumstance
I do not know, but he says he believes I am no [office?] [hunter?] and
always speaks what I think and he would be glad I was one of "his men" this
is to be Seen Very Complimentary to me who has for sum [some?] years been
Intend [intent?] with his Schemes and the [Trou?]ble attending their Defeat
he says he has a great many heavy Charges against [me?] He would have had
Jannay in th[is?] [Corporation?] only for me He would have had his country
man Andrew Morr[i?]s in the Legislature only for [me?] thus as he attaches
all the Impotance of his [own?] Party to himself so by the same [Narrow?]
View he lays all the Blame of our [friends?] upon me who I am Proud to say
[are?] the [Infusion?] to Numbers of them in Point of [Intents?] & judgment
tho [although?] not in P[erseverance?] - he wishes I was a member of their
Church then I could not [act?] as I do and he Could have Confidence in me
and then the Natives might - [black?] [out?] - Indeed since the time that
I took Dillon so severely to [Task?] and also Mullancy, the whole of them
have been Extereamly [extremely?] Complaisant [Complacent?] to me, If all
our Friends would only act with Cool Deliberation, we would Gain ground
much faster but we suffer severely by the Intemperate conduct of many of
them on this Ground John McKinly [Kinely?] is highly Reprehensible altho
[although?] he sustained the whole shock of their Insolent abuse with a
F[inesse?] that would have done Honour to [any?] man, and R[iveted?] all
the attempts that could be made upon his feelings as a Catholick
[Catholic?] yet his warm temper sometimes gets the better of his judgement
and Prudence and he says Harsh things not of them but to them which
[Be gets?] [recrim?]ination and [Reply?] & [Rejoinder?] ad Infinit[um?] I
have frequently spoken to him in the subject [and?] [latterly?] I think he
is avoiding as much as in his Power any thing disagreeable with them, The
Society Progresses much as usual all their Efforts will not be able
[position?] the Institution indeed to do them justice there are but Very
few among them that have Declared avowed hostillaty [hostility?] to an
organisation which has or at least had [placed?] the Irish Character on
higher ground than in any other City on the Continent I believe I mentioned
to you that we had given Duane a supper, they were much Displeased at that
toast about our 'Mistaken Brethren" M Mullany spoke to me on the Subject he
said he thought the other one which was Erin, with the accompanying
sentiment, went fully as far as we should have gone and spoke a language
more to his heart than if we had had Fifty Irish on the other one - upon
the [whole?] I think that Supper has been of use to us, The New or Rather
Revised Constitution is now Under Consideration, the Committe [Committee?]
so long appointed for the pupose [purpose?] made their finale [final?]
Report at the Last meeting of the society, and it was or[dered?] to be Read
at Every [Aris?]ing meeting to the 17 March and then with such amendments
and alterations as might be suggested [he?] finaly [finally?] adopt the
first article which is the main hinge of our Political standing we have
made the society the judge of what is Pure republicanism & not
James Ch[a?]th[am?] or John O Neal. I think it will pass in nearly its
[print?] form I will send you a Coppy [copy?] as soon as Printed, I have
at length accomplished my old and favorite [favourite?] m[easure?] the
appointment of a committee of Correspondence which will be Provided for by
the Revised Constitution, the Preamble is altogether [new?] and
notwithstanding all the Pa[ins?] [&?] [trouble?] we took to have some
thing Elegant for it were forced in the End to put up with [one?] of my
[own?] Composition the Draft which M Emmet gave us after undergoing all
the [amendments?] we Could think of was Registered by the Court Indeed it
was much too confined in its Ideas and too sinister in its objects to meet
the [deputa?]tation of men who the they thought and felt as Irishmen yet
wished to feel I think as members of this great Republick [republic?] and
Citizens of the World, I send you a Coppy [copy?] of the one now before the
society in its orginal state not wishing to take time to make a fair Coppy
[copy?] and this is the only spare Coppy [copy?] I have got, I had
continued to have it understood that it is the C[?]pention of M Emmet in
order to help it down but John McKinly [Kinley?] blew me up, I wish much
Emmet had Read and given us his C[?]t[?]s on it but the Court would not
ask him having refused the Draft he presented Mr Swanton gave us but little
assistance in the work for [I?] thought he felt a little hurt at the old
one being made so free with which you know was from his [pen?] [However?]
upon the whole the Revised Constitution will I think be a neat thing of
the kind it is clea[red?] of much Technicall [Technical?] law Rubbish which
lumbered it up in its original state and very many judicious aditions
[additions?] are made to it the Result of 8 years of Exp[erience?] and
operation which is the best test of being a Constitution to. The intent
which the Society seems to take in the Revision of the Constitution is a
flattering proof to me of the Energy and spirit which Exists in that body
and by a steady [Perseverance?] in the Good Old Path which its original
[Founders?] have adhered to must in the End [Concern?] its [enemies?]
that the [genu?]ine spirit of Liberty is an Eth[n?]alized Principle which
will Ever [Elu[de?] the [Grip?] of Tyranny and [visit?] the [?] [Intrigues?]
of Int[eres?]ed D[ema?]gogue[s?] that every attemp [attempt?] to shake it
will operate like the [Northern?] bl[?] on the sturdy oath as a means of
of giving it [Deeper?] root and more Extended Branches Instead of thinking
[union?], it will acquire aditional [additional?] Elastisity [Elasticity?]
by Comparysion [comparison?] McKinly [McKinley?] Decli[nes?] li[v?]ing as
our Provident the Ensuing [ensueing?] [year?] his Pe[cun?]iary
Circumstances has Indured [endured?] him to Decline, I have been much
Pr[?]ed by his and [?] all our [?] to accept the appointment, but nothing
will Induce me if any other Efficient Character will accept, we s[ee?]m
to b[e?] all United Walter Martin only John McKinly [Kinley?] who thinks
that it is too great a show of Liberality to plan a Scotchman at the head
of the Institution, this Prejudice I fear may operate against a man who if
all others would at this Particular Crisis [but?] serve the [Interest?] of
the [Levity?] [of?] my own opinion Decidedly is that there Cannot be a [?]
made Equal to him in point of Expedi[ency?] [nor?] can we find a man better
qualified to Discharge the [Duties?] no objection in the leave of
[Religion?] could be made to him who Professes none and perhaps the only
solid one which could be made is that when he is [Close?] pushed in
argument he Ridicules it all & for this Reason I tell Him he is the
greatest biggot [bigot?] among us - I have now my Dear Father written you a
great Deal abount nothing and written it in that familiar way which without
any mention on my part ought of itself to be sufficient [to?] prevent you
Either showing it or reading it to any Person Except my [sister?] and
[aunt?] this [impression?] I have [inserted?] the [Names?] of Individuals
which did I think you would make publick [public?] I would by no means do,
Mr Wall has informed me I can with nothing but you will show to M Lyons
but if I find that all this Long humdrum story gets out of your possession
the Consequence is [simply?] this in future I will compare any remarks I
have to make on [?] [one?] sh[eet?] Instead of 8 full sheets which I
preceive [perceive?] this is the [Termination?] of, indeed my dear father
you will do me a great Injustice to Exibet [Exhibit?] so long & Harty
[hearty?] a written tale in which my [own?] Dear self is made so much the
Hero to any Eye but that Affection (Paternal) I have written M Lyons with
whom I will Extremely happy to correspond that you would make some
e[xplan?]ations to him necessary for the El[uci?]dation of some parts of
my settlers but you will early perceive the p[ros?]p[erity?] that [those?]
Explanations should be verbal & I have scarcely left myself room to say