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Title: Earl of Ava to his Mother Marchioness of Dufferin & Ava
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileEarl of Ava, Archibald/11
SenderArchibald, Earl of Ava
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationarmy officer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOttawa, Ontario, Canada
RecipientHariot, Marchioness of Dufferin & Ava
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD/1231/G/2/109: Deposited by Lady Hermione Blackwood
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9808498
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count652
TranscriptFrom Ld [Lord?] Ava 1894
16th Feb 94 [1894?]

My dear Mama
I am not at Mr Dixon's & their [---?] are in Toronto. They have
very kindly asked me to go back to them for the opening of
Parliament on the 17th March, but I have not made up my mind
- though I half promised their [--?] to stay on.
We have had a carnival on the Ice in which I & ten [tall?] went
as a girls school "We are seven". I always think that its a
great mistake for men to dress in women's clothes as it is so apt
to be vulgar but in this case it was so extraordinarily funny that
it did not matter.
Mr Erskine is 6ft [feet?] 4. Capt Hindersley 6.3. Bob Ferguson
6.2. Dr [Sh----?] 6 ft [feet?]. I am close on it & Gordon &
[------?] come next. We had in Kate Greenaway dress and poke
bonnets. Huge sashes & bows & white apron & ten dress, made by
a dress maker, were green & pink. We skated round according to
height in Indian file with the shortest first.
Lady Mayvine was the school mistress. After about « an hour we
all changed and I went as an old English gentleman and I dont
think i told you that in Quebec I saw a Miss Gillespie & a Mr
Ogilvie both of whom were at [------?] with us - Ogilvie is an
officer in the Garison artillery. I and ten stall are giving
a [-----?] and a dance on the 28th & have about 130 people
coming. I do not knowe if [-----?] existed when you were here.
(Major Wickstead has just told me it did) so you must remember
the place. We start from Parliament buildings at 5.30 and sit
down to dinner on arrival, then dance till about one & drive
back. I am sorry to say you will find I am no good at figures
- but with pratice I would soon learn. On the rink here I get
so much hockey that it leaves no time for practising & the other
times when the band is playing there are too many people on the
ice to get a chance. I have got no further than a 3 and an eight
which I could do from the beginning.
I see by the papers you have been keeping up your figure
skating. At the carnival 10 of the prettiest girls in Ottawa
went in the colours of our hockey club - "The Rebels" scarlet
bodies and white skirts & little red caps & powdered hair.
They looked awfully well. Mr Haycock was in an extraordinary
outfit - holding up a big head by a pole & the [----?] fell
down over him & it lo?] at looked like a big monster of some
sort. I see his [--?] is [-----ing?] at Toronto. He never
appears on the rinks here scarcely & he does not yet understand
the game - which is a drawback as he always has to skip. We had
one grand game in Quebec in which he let Campbell ship and we
won by a point against the Garrison. Campbell is awfully funny
on the Ice & makes the game so. He always says he doesn't like
a funeral procession. I get more curling from Mr Dixon as he
dines at 6.30. and they go on in the Ridlean Club until eleven.
Her Excellency has been meeting & [--------?] but the
"Woman Council" is an [-----?] that will hardley flourish
here from what I have heard. I am sorry for her sake as she
thinks so much about it. Your photographs will be much
appreciated. I will send you the list to whom I have given
them. I like he one of father very much.
I remain my dear Mama
Your affectly [affectionately?]