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Title: Archibald, Earl of Ava, Canada, to "Dear Lizzie", Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileEarl of Ava, Archibald/24
SenderArchibald, Earl of Ava
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupation9 years old
Sender Religionunknown
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD/1231/H/6/1: Deposited by Lady Hermione Blackwood.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9807606
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptSun 21st

My dear Lizzie
I have not written to you since
we came to Canada, I will tell you everything
we did from when we went in the Prussian I had
the measels [measles?] all the way and did not
do much, though I was not at all sea-sick, I
remember a scotch boy was on board he had a
big boat in his cabin which he showed me. He
used to smoke a clay pipe. When we came to the
end of journey we saw him on the platform
smoking. You know Mama started before us, so
she was waiting for us in "Government house" I
remember quite well when we went in at the hall
door. Colonel Fletcher and Lady Hariot [Harriot ?]
were there two [too ?] because their house was
not quite built. we went with Mama to tea in the
School rooom and then went to bed.
I forget what we did after that till the 1st
time I went down in a toboggan, of course you know
what a toboggan is by now, Freddy pushed me off I
felt rather giddy at first but afterwards, I liked
tobogganing very much better than skating. I like
skating very much though we play all sorts of
games on the ice "Wolf" and races and "follow my
leader" and Tom Titler".
We toboggan and skate everyday and go for a walk
on Sundays and sometimes I snow-shoe with the big
people and Edward comes too. we do not amuse
ourselves very much when the snow begins to thaw
when the summer is coming, we cannot toboggan or
skate or snow show we can only go for walks with
galoshes on, which does not amuse us much. we
stay a few weeks of the summer in Ottawa, Papa
and Mama went away this summer as you know,
David Robinson and me play lawn tenis [tennis ?]
every day He generally gains he plays rather
better than me but I gain sometimes. We generally
have 13 the number but some times we have great
big numbers like 50. Giverncel and Katie came to
us this winter for a long time, we had great fun
with them they liked toboggining and skating very
much. Katie though did not like tobogganing at all.
Papa and Mama gave me a nice draft [draughts ?] board.
I like playing drafts [draughts ?] very much. They
gave Nellie a bezigue but I do not like playing at
it much Mamma taught me. Papa and Mama let me come down
to dessert with them and stay with them in the
drawing room after. I only went to bed at ten. I
have finished all about Ottawa now I must tell
you what we do at Tadousae. we make fortresses
in the sand and when the tide comes up we stand
in them an [and?] let the water sourround
[surround?] us. we bathe as well sometimes
and I can dive though not swim I wish I could.
I forgot all about when I went up in the Druid and
Chica last summmer I will tell you about it now
and about Tadousac [Tadoussec?] after, the bathing
reminded me of it because I bathed with Papa and
Freddy and Mr Ward and Colonel Fletcher when I was
up in the "Chicoa". Papa and Mama took me for a whole
months Holiday in the "Druid". I enjoyed my self so
much and I liked the "Druid" itself very much and all
the sailors in it. The captains boy was on the
Druid too he used to play with me everyday at
hide and seek or something like that we all used
to play at shuffle board on deck and read and
bask in the sun like dogs. I used to have great
fun with the steward, his name was Patrick I
used to play such tricks on him and he hunted me
round and round the ship. He was a Tipperary
man and I used to tease him by
saying that they threw stones at each others
head. Papa's river called the Marguatita I forget
how many sammon [salmon?] he caught we went to
Mr Beilends river as well. Papa used to take Mama
and I to a place on land near where he fished and
we used to watch him Papa gave me an axe and I cut
down trees, while Mama read a book or knitted.
There was a farmer, a very nice one and Patrick and
I used to go and see him. He has a tremendous lot
of great big tall daughters besides a lot of sons
which were not with him. He used to give us some
[___?] and milk and sweties [Sweeties?]. I had such
nice long rides there. Now I will tell you about
the Chicora. I forget what town it was we went in
her, She is a pretty big [___?] steamer with two
funnels she is painted white and red but I did
not like her half as much as the Druid, and I did
not like the sailors of her at all, particularly
the engineer at every bay there was
a tremendous lot of Indians and the chief always
made a speech to Papa which an interpreter
interpreted it. I saw Niagara and some bears and
buffeloes [buffalos ?] that were there I liked
the bears and buffeloes [buffalos?] best.
dear Maman
Your Affectionate
Thank you very much for the beautiful book
you sent me