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Title: Earl of Ava to His Mother Marchioness of Dufferin & Ava
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileEarl of Ava, Archibald/34
SenderArchibald, Earl of Ava
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationarmy officer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMontana, USA
RecipientHariot, Marchioness of Dufferin & Ava
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD/1231/G/2/106: Deposited by Lady Hermione Blackwood
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9808496
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count544
Transcript 26th August [1893]
Thompson Falls

My dear Mama
I start the day after tomorrow with my outfit. We have
changed the route & instead of going north near British Columbia
cross the Hathead Indian Reservation east of this & get into
the main range of the Rockies. It is over a hundred miles from
this & will take a week to get there but I shall have a clear
5 or 6 weeks to shoot in. I am lucky in having through
Mr Theodore Roosevelts help got a first rate hunter who has been
hunting all his life & is a regular "old timer". It is
difficult to get a good man & what I like about this one is
that he is fond of the game him self & does not only hunt
for the dollars.
Indians have been going through this place the last couple
of days the ugliest [------?] people I ere saw. This week has
been a bit severe for me & I shall be glad to start. Luckily
there is a good big river here & I swim every day. Also shoot
matches with every [---?] in the town at [----?] & can
beat them all with one of their small rifles. Every man here
knows how to use a gun & most of them go out after the game
round the place.
I am taking the small rifle with me to shoot at grouse with.
The latter are very tame & are shoot at their head always &
they make good eating. I have also got half a dozen good
books & the last batch of English papers to read.
Lord Clarendon I hear has been out in this district before
but I expect they mean Ld [Lord?] Caledon who lives in Ireland
dont they? I am so glad Father got to [----?] after all.
It must have been a good season there & it is a pity he did
not get more.
I enclose two amusing paragraphs which please keep. The one
about Ted is from an English paper. One article in a
Northwestern paper here said I was a strong ["Nationalist?"]
and that I had said that "As soon as Home Rule was disposed
of the Irish would join the Opposition & go agst. [against?]
the govt's [government's?] financial policy & that [--?] D.
was a strong [Nationalist?] himself".
All imagination of the writer.
I am very glad to hear Hermie & the others enjoyed their trip
& were "too happy" Will you tell Ronald I told [-----?] to send
him œ5 for [-------?] & that if they sent all my balance to
Drexal & Morgan as is possible they will send it 1st Oct. But
I think they sent it to him.
I wrote to Mr Dixon & told him I was going to Canada in
I hope the Aberdeen's will ask me to stay at Govt. [Government?]
House a little. Please tell the family not to write till about
the 20th October. I heard from Blanc who wants to [embr----?]
son [---?] Archibald & says that "Le terrible Shiplay ne se a
plus la pour nous enlever la Digne cigarette" I remain my
dear Mama Yours affecty [affectionately?] Archie