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Title: M. Feeny, St. John's N. B. to "My Dear Father & Mother"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileFeeny, Mary and Roger/28
SenderFeeny, Mary and Roger
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationdomestic employee
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSt. Johns, N.Brunswick, Canada
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceBritish Parliamentary Papers, 1849, XX1, (122). pp 131-132
ArchiveThe Main Library, The Queen's University of Belfast
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NoteN.B. John Mullowney writes a few lines towards the end, too
TranscriptAppendix to Minutes of Evidence Before Select Committee

Appendix X

St. John's New Brunswick, 3rd August 1847

My Dear father and mother i [I?] take this pen with joy to
write those few lines to ye hopeing [hoping?] to find ye and
all inquireing [enquiring?] friends in as good health as i [I?]
am at present thank god for his kindness to me my father I am
regoiced [rejoiced?] to let ye know that I arrived safe in this
Country and all the passengers which is a Blessing to us all
thank God My Dear father as soon as i [I?] arrived i [I?] got
Service withen [within?] 10 miles of the City at a place Called
Mispeek which i [I?] am regoiced [rejoiced?] to let ye know that
I live within a few yards of where John Mullowny lives and his
two Sisters which makes me feell [feel?] content and John comes
to see me verry [very?] often at knight [night?] and oftentimes
in the Day my Dear father i [I?] would write to ye sooner still
waighting [waiting?] to get myself settled for the winter and
indeed i [I?] hope the next letter wile [will?] Be something
Better My Dear father i [I?] feell [feel?] uneasy to know how
ye are or is my Sister Kitty at home and Denis and my Brother
Mick and i [I?] never will forget Elias Tailour [Taylor?] for
she gave me a good present may the lord reward her for her
kindness to me my Dear father i [I?] wish to let ye know that my
uncle Frank died in quarentine [quarantine] Island and a great
number of the passengers that come out a long [along?] with him
and Mick and wife is gone out [sic] the Country and he got a
Brash of Sickness But he recovered his health thank god for it
My Dear father i [I?] wish that you would remember me to the
Revd Mr. Jeffcot and May the lord reward him for this kindness
to me Dear father I send my love and Best respect to my sister
Bridget Wonery Mary and let me know how are them all and all the
Neighbours about Bullinfell and Lissadell No more at present from
your loveing [loving?] Daughter Mary Feeny till Death Dear father
write to me as soon as you receive this letter and Direct it to
Mr. James Brockeway Chelallot Street St. Johns New Brunswick.
here goes for Roger Feeny My Dear father i [I?] wright [write?]
those lines to you hopeing [hoping?] to find Ye all in good health
as I am at present thank God for it Dear father I am well in health
and lives [live?] in one house with Mary since i [I?] came to this
place Dear father I sind [send?] my love and Best [sic] to you &
Mother Mick Frances John Catherine Margret and Bridget tell [till?]
Death No more at present from Your loveing [loving?] Son till Death.
John Mullowney Commences to wright [write] a few lines to his
Dearly Beloved Father & Mother and Brother Patt and my Dearley
[dearly?] Beloved Brother Mick Mullowny till Death Dear father
and mother I feell [feel?] uneasy for not getting an answer to the
letter I sent you I went often times [sic] to town Expecteng
[expecting?] a letter from you and Could Get no answer from you
But some of the passenger [passengers?] told me that Sir Robert
Gore got the letter and would not Give it untill [until?] the
other Ships come out But Young thomas [Thomas?] Costolow
[Costolloe?] told me that you received the [sic] and Andy long
[Long?] and William Uncles readin [reading?] in his fathers hous
[house?] My Dear father and my Dearly Beloved Mother till Death
I hope ye will wright [write?] to me as soon as possible and I
hope with the assistance of God that if will Be able [sic] to send
you some money which i [I?] would have sent it Before this if i [I?]
had got answer to this letter But I am verry [very?] happy to
let you know that Mary Margret [Margaret?] and me is hired [sic]
in the one house and will till May next I send my love and Best
respect to you father and mother Brothers tell Dear father Direct
your letter to Mr. George Ball of Misspeek parish of Port Simions
St. Johns New Brunswick British North America.