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Title: Eliza FitzGerald, Alabama, to Mary FitzGerald Cahill, Quebec.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileFitzgerald, Eliza/10
SenderFitzgerald, Eliza
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationworks for a lady, prob. as a seamstress
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMobile, Alamaba, USA
DestinationQuebec, Canada
RecipientFitzgerald Cahill, Mary
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceEmigrant Letters of the FitzGerald Family, Co. Tipperary, 1829-1907. Copyright Reserved By Edwina Goddard, 750 San Fernando St., San Diego, CA 92106, U.S.A.
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh.
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Word Count705
TranscriptFrom: Eliza FitzGerald, Mobile, Alabama, 2 May 1847.
To: her sister Mary FitzGerald Cahill, Quebec, Canada.
Addressed: to Mr. Michael Cahill, Care of Messrs Lemesiure &
Quebec, L.C.
Postmarks: Mobile, Alabama May 6; Montreal, L. C. May 18, 1847.
Letter: folded. Paper in fair condition, writing wherever space

Mobile May 2d 1847

My Dear Sister
How much more elegant
it would be for me to write to you under
any other Circumstances than the Present.
I have Endeed [indeed?] waited two weeks mostly
to find Courage or I Might say Nerve
But oh we Must be Resigned to the
Calling of our heavenly father when Ever
his Immaculate Presence wishes to Call us
to that heavenly Banquet he has Prepared
for us unworthy though we be.
Yes my Sister, your and
My only Beloved Brother has been Called
to his Heavenly father on the 27 of March.
He Died as he Lived without a struggle
or groan. I think Now I might Explain
things Better to your satisfaction. I Came
south this winter with a Lady at a
higher salary than I Could get in New
York. My Dear Brother at the time Concluded
to Remain in Albion as I Expecting (sic) to
return early in April. He wrote me in
January that his health was none of the
Best then again in January that
he was Much better and expected to work
in a few Days which cheered me up. But
oh fatal Delusion My hopes were only raised
to be Blasted again on the 19th of March he
wrote me his last, saying his disease would
prove fatal which alas did so on the 27 -.
His Doctor wrote me every 2 or 3 days During
his last moments the most sympathysing [sympathising?]
letters. His Disease was a Bilious dyorhea [diarrhoea?]
which was pronounced incurable. He Died
in full possession of his sences [senses?]. He wished
me to write to you and John Doyle to
New York. He has not Said what to about
his Expences [expenses?]. I Cant know whether
his Bills Can be Paid or not until I
get there which will Be as soon as
I Can go on. He is Buried at Mount
William Cemety [Cemetery?]. I leave here on the 8th of May
and go By the Missippi River. I shall get to
New York about the Last of this Month and
then as Soon as I Can Make arrangements
with my Lady I shall start for western
New York. I could not rest until I
settle his affairs for fear his Dear
soul Could not be at Rest. I Expect
his long sickness has Left his affairs
Rather Embarrassed. I know his doctors
Bills will be pretty high. As yet I
Cant form any idea.
I have done all that a Poor afflicted Sister
Could in this my hour of trial. I have
had several Masses said for his Repose oh
sweet and Consoling is the Catholick [Catholic?]
Doctrine of Prayers for the Dead. It Relieves the soul of
the sufferer and heals the wounded spirits of their
friends. Pray for him my Sisters oh that his
spirit May Rest in Glory. Oh My Poor Dear
Mother I cant write to her. I sent her 25
Dollars this spring. I fear I Cant send any
more at Present as I Expect to Be under
a good deal of Expences [expenses?] this Summer as
I said Before I Cant say how things are until
I go to Albion. If the Catholick [Catholic?] Clergy
of Rochester think fit I May have his corpse
Removed to here. He is Buried in a proty [Protestant?]
Burying ground But the grave Can be Cancelled.
I Shall write all Particulars when I get
there and Let you know how I can arrange
things. Dont Be Surprised if you see me in
Quebec this Summer as I shall take some
time to my self and I may possibly go down.
I Cant write any more until I Compose
My Mind for you Can imagine how I Can
Bear this affliction when I am all impatient
to go to Albion. Not Meet the fond
Embrace But oh the Cold grave of
Noble Hearted Brother.
[On reverse side of paper]
Accept of what love I can give
to any Earthly individuals
for you plus a husbands and
families. your affectionate sister

[On fold of paper]
You will have Hard work to
Make this out as my pen is not
good and my eyes are not very Dry.