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Title: Eliza Fitzgerald, New York, to Mary Fitzgerald Cahill, Quebec.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileFitzgerald, Eliza/17
SenderFitzgerald, Eliza
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationseamstress
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, New York, USA
DestinationQuebec, Canada
RecipientFitzgerald Cahill, Mary
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceEmigrant letters of The Fitzgerald Family,Co.Tipperary, 1829-1907. Copyright Reserved by Edwina Goddard,750 San Fernando St., San Diego,CA 92106,USA.
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
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TranscriptOld Irish Letters

Letter from Eliza Fitzgerald, New York City, New York,6 June
To her sister, Mary Fitzgerald Cahill, Quebec, Lower Canada.
Addressed: Mrs.Mary Cahill, Quebec, L.C.
No postmarks.
White paper in fair condition, with white embossed medallion
"Paris", folded, creased, some tearing on edges and folds, sealed
with red sealing wax.

Addressed to Miss Mary Cahill,
New York 6th June 1847
My Dear Sister
It is-long since I put pen to
paper to write to you nor endeed [indeed?] did I at one time even entend
[intend?] to do so when seeing the neglect as perhaps contempt you have
treated my letters with. Never was a sister so cruelly teated by
all except my Dear Brother. He alone has been a comfort to me. He
was taken suddenly ill last April and sent for me. I went to see
him and spent a month with him very pleasantly. He told me he
wrote several letters to you but they were like neglected. He is
a very fine young man. He would be a comfort to his poor Mother
if she could see him. He is quite as talented as my father and as
much a Patriot. He said he was going to write to you. And now my
Dear Sister I think its time I enquired [inquired?] how you and your
husband and dear little ones was. I hope you are all enjoying the same
Blessings of good health as these few lines leave me at
present. I heard some time ago that my sister Judy was in
Montreal. I should like to know her address if [D J?] could get it.
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My Dear Sister I am going next to the County to spend the
summer. If you condecend [condescend?] to answer this it will
be forwarded to me. I dont expect to be in the City before September.
The weather has been very hot here at present. I hear often from
you verbally as there is a great recourse of travelling between
here and Canada. If Fox is at the Reylands tell him that Ann Kavanagh is
very well. I had a letter from her last week. She is coming home
from New Orleans. She has been the greatest comfort to me. She has
supplied a sisters place for me. I thank God I never wanted for a
friend since I came amongst strangers. I suppose my dear you will
say that friendship is but momentary. No, I have found true and
faithfull friends in every county and every creed. I hope you
will excuse these few hasty lines as [Foster?] has called to let
me know Mr. [Tims?] is going down and I thought I would embrace
the opportunity and if you answer this I will write you a long
letter next and let me know when you heard from home and my
sister Judys address.I have not time to write any more.
I shall conclude by sending my love to you and Michael and
your children and all other friends.
Your ever dear and affectionate

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P.S. Direct to me No.5 College Place
New York
New y

This letter is in the possession of Edwina
T.Goddard (Mrs.W.R.Goddard).
750 San Fernando Street
San Diego,California 92106