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Title: Patrick Fitzgerald, New York, To Michael Cahill, Quebec.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileFitzgerald, Patrick Jr/11
SenderFitzgerald, Patrick
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAlbion, New York, USA
DestinationQuebec, Canada
RecipientCahill, Michael
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipbrothers in law
SourceEmigrant Letters of the Fitzgerald Family, Co Tipperary, 1829-1907. Copyright reserved by Edwina Goddard, 750 Sanfernando St., San Diego, CA 92106, U.S.A.
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
Doc. No.9510162
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TranscriptLetter from, Patrick Fitzgerald, Albion, Orleans County, New York,
30 August 1846, To his brother-in-law, Michael Cahill, Quebec,
Lower Canada.
Addresssed: Mr Michael Cahill, care of Messrs, Lemesurier & Co.,
Quebec, L.C. Lower Canada.
Postmarked: Albion, N.Y. [New York?] Aug [August?] 31; Quebec,
Sept 6; Quebec, (faint lower half of mark); PAID. Long white paper in poor condition, folded, creased, tearing on creases,
fragile, some holes, sealed with red sealing wax. Albion Orleans Co. N.Y. [New York?] Aug 30/46

Beloved Brotherinlaw and Sister.
You see I have at last come
to the conclusion to write to you whether this is wise or an act of
superfluity will be determined by your actions. But never standing
on the chill formalities which society generally demands I have
thrown myself upon your notice without perhaps a single hope that
it will be received with ferv'd warmth of [feeling?] which ought to
greet its reception, or if received as a mere matter of form it will
in your eyes be worthy any more attention than a superficial perusal.
To ask you to answer it I cannot lest I ask too much and to supercede
the necessity of "arguing the point" I leave it to your unqualified
discretion as well as to your discrimination
and appreciation of the whole matter. I say this much for you
ought to be as fully conscious of the propriety or impropriety of
such an act as I am, and for me either to ask or advise "in such a
matter" would be a presumption as uncalled for as perhaps it would
be unjustifiable.
But while I preface what I have to write with the above I
would not be understood as such my words would greatly belie my
feelings: but such reconstruction cannot be tortured from anything
written unless by a wanton attempt of a perverted imagination to
torture it so as to accord more agreeable to the feelings which
should so construe it.
I have however but very little fear such an interpretation
will be put on this by any body much less by you who I should
suppose would be amongst the first to ward off every attempt,
come from what source it may, designed to injure me either in
thought word or deed.
I said "much less by you" and yet my brother why do I say so?
An answer to this question will throw the mind into a state of
reflection and carry it back long previous to this.
(Page 2) When indeed I consider the abruptness with which you broke off a
former correspondence and the seeming (or real I dare not come to the
conclusion to say which) indifference you betrayed in not thinking
it worth your while to answer a letter from (for no reason which
I could divine) is rather presumptive evidence this missive will
receive the same fate as the former.
How I have answered it God alone knows for so far as my
fallible judgement goes I do not know that I ever by thought
word or deed, directly or indirectly, expressed or implified
any thing or any act that would injure you or cause
the blush of shame to start to your cheek: and I ask again how
have I deserved it? Can it be by many a bitter pang at the negligence
or rather indiference which you have betrayed towards me can it be
because honest poverty has been my companion for the last seven years
wherever fate or fortune has been pleased to send me. And oh!
who this the ban which prevented if nothing more a nod of recognition
from a brother and sister or could they not
pollute their fingers by touching the pen and acknowledge they
received a letter from me assuring me they were well.
Poor I am I will fully admit in a pecuniary point but thanks
to Him who readeth the Universe I am honest and if poverty and I have
struggled hard, hand to hand, she has left me independent after
the contest, with the prospects of an honest mechanic subject
as we all are to the vicissitudes of this life,
we must bend to the inscrutable ways of Divine Providence,and
patiently submit to the consummation of his wishes. We know not
the moment we are marked for the infliction of His just chastisement
and should be careful that no act [of?] [ours?] should be brought against
us to meet it, merited portion of justice.
Forgive me then my brother if from the time of our
correspondence the reflection of that period causes not a doubt
to start when I said "much less by you" and that doubt if not
corroborated it is at all events fully
justified by the consideration of your seeming indifference
toward me. And here permit me to return you my most heartfelt
thanks for that single letter and I shall

(Page 3)
ever retain it if no other presents itself as a mark of that
deep love and esteem which you entertain for me I will preserve
it as one of those treasures which the sweet past by all the ties
of its hallowed associations encircles around the tablets memory.
Oh! never, never, can I forget every kind word or action which endears
your name to me and though you held a dagger to my bosom my dying
gasp would be spent in thanks for the past.
Affection sure & strong and tender induces me now to write and
though as I said before I have not much hopes I will get an answer
[soon?] The strong current of feeling compels me to adopt a course
which under these circumstances would not only be unadvisable but
I can with equal justice complain of Wm.[William?] O Donnell
who has never condescended to write to me though he could not but
know as well as you where I was if he had taken the trouble to
enquire but I suppose he did not think me worthy of notice and
so let the matter drop.
I could extend this letter much farther If I had no thought
from what I have said and in consideration of what have been here
represented as my feelings to believe it will be unwelcome and
while such are my convictions I need only appeal to the past to
justify my position.
I have but a small space remaining to inform those who may
be interested of a little news perhaps later than you have heard. I
had a letter from Eliza thursday last. she is well she is now in Hyde
Park Dutchess Co. N.Y. [New York?] with the family during the summer
months.I had a letter from John Doyle New York City about 2 weeks
ago who says Thos.[Thomas?] Buckley is well. James Burnett is in
Montreal. Pat R. Harney went through here in July
was going to Illinois to settle with his family & John Maher
from whom I received every particular about home.I went with them
some three miles up the canal. Eliza says John Harney is where she
is, hired out as Gardener and in rather strained circumstances May
God help him but she says he seems quite contented. Patrick Sheely
is also there.
My kindest affection to your children and also to Mr. Mrs
O Donnell tell them I am surprised they at least have not written to me.to
your brothers to Mr & Mrs Fox and all well wishers

Yours as ever
P. [Patrick?] FitzGerald
When you write
Direct to me Albion. Orleans Co.

(Written on reverse side of paper)
Should you desire some newspapers from here I could send you one
weekly but I think if it were practicable it would be much better to
send them to you without to the care of anybody.You need only mention it
if you wish it which will give you a good insight into the state of the
markets and prices current generally beside other news of a political

P.F. [Patrick Fitzgerald?]
P.S. Should you write let me know whether your friend Mr Cohen
(I believe if I recollect right is his name), is yet engaged in the
flouring business and comes to Rochester I live about 32 miles west of
there on the Canal and if I could know the time he would be in Rochester
I would go there and see him if he wrote to me from Rochester when he
arrived I could be in Rochester next morning. I should like to see him
this fall if possible.
P.F. [Patrick Fitzgerald?]